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Uncle Dudley

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Real Identity: Dudley H. Dudley
Appearances: Captain Bamboozle
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: John Astin

Uncle Dudley is the closest thing to real family Billy Batson has. Dudley genuinely liked helping out Shazam because he was family. Dudley drove to Metropolis in his RV and did crowd control in the city during one of Felix Faust's latest attacks. Mr. Mxyzptlk happened to teleport to the city at the same time and became intrigued with Dudley. He was amused when Dudley cheered on Shazam and imitated his moves. Wonder Woman noticed him and informed him the Justice League preferred for civilians to stay out of harm's way. Not understanding, Dudley reported he got everyone cleared out. Batman pointed out she meant him. Dudley introduced himself as Shazam's helper. Shazam confirmed he was family but understood their implications. Shazam returned Dudley to his RV while they turned Faust over to the authorities. Mxyzptlk decided to turn Dudley into his latest pawn. The RV was too cramped for Shazam so he turned back into Billy Batson.

Dudley admitted he kept Batson's room exactly as it was and invited him to another road trip anytime he wanted. Batson let Dudley down nicely telling him he could really help if he was out of harm's way during a fight. Dudley was saddened. Batson apologized but stated that was how it had to be then told him he would seem him down at the diner. After Batson left, Dudley noticed a strange glow coming from the bathroom. Mxyzptlk rose from the toilet in a wizard costume and pretended to be the Wizard. Mxyzptlk made him believe he chose to give him abilities with his own magic word for having the heart of a hero. He gave him the word "Bamboozle." Dudley was transformed into Captain Bamboozle. He exclaimed "Holy guacamole!" and guacamole rained down. Mxyzptlk could hardly contain himself. He tried "holy chips" and chips rained down. Captain Bamboozle went on patrol and caused more harm than good. He uprooted a tree and shook it to get a pet cat back to its owner. He wrecked on apartment on fire by flooding it with water from a roof top pool.

Bamboozle responded to a bank robbery but hit the pillars inside. He held up the ceiling instead of stopping the two thieves. Shazam arrived and was shocked to discover Dudley had powers. Shazam returned with three steel girders and propped them up. He was shocked to learn the Wizard gave Dudley powers. Dudley described the Wizard to Batman and he drew a sketch on a tablet. He deduced it was Mr. Mxyzptlk wearing a fake beard. Shazam quickly briefed him about the imp and his weakness. Mxyzptlk enlarged a kitten to giant size and let it loose on the city to induce Dudley to cause more damage. Dudley got an idea. Rather than fight the kitten, he did crowd control. Mxyzptlk was infuriated and ordered him to use his powers. Dudley liked the idea and stated he was use his food power then muscle power then finish it off with his incredible power of Ktlpzyxm. Mxyzptlk fell for it and asked what Ktlpzyxm was. He realized he said his name backwards and was banished back to his home dimension. Dudley watched as his powers and costume disappeared. Shazam congratulated him on outsmarting the imp. Batman also congratulated him and presented the kitten, back to normal size.