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Space Cabbie

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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliations: Nine-Planet Taxi Company
Appearances: Follow That Space Cab!
Powers/Skills: Navigation
Voiced By: Patton Oswalt

Space Cabbie is a loyal employee of the Nine-Planet Taxi Company. He likes to take photos with celebrity clients and keeps them on his overhead driver panel. So far, he had met the likes of Black Canary, Zatanna, Big Barda, Kilowog of the Green Lantern Corps, Blue Beetle, and Firestorm. He also maintains the record of having never lost a passenger. After a 10 hour shift that only yielded one fare between Tamaran and Korugar, Space Cabbie prepared to clock out and drop by Al's Diner and flirt with a waitress named Darlene. Suddenly, Superman crashed through the rear glass into the back seat. Cabbie flipped a switch on the dash and sealed up the cab with replacement glass and produced a new hat. Cabbie was excited to meet Superman but was reeling from a red sun energy blast and needed to get away from bounty hunters Lobo and Jonas. Cabbie started the fare box and hit the gas pedal. Superman had a prisoner with him, Mister Mind, who also had a bounty placed on him by Boss Kack, an intergalactic mobster.

Superman asked for Cabbie's CB radio and sent a message to the Watchtower on Earth requesting back up. Lobo and Jonas offered to cut Cabbie in on the bounty but he stood fast to his company oath. As they pulled their guns, Cabbie hit the brakes and the bounty hunters blasted each other. Lobo threw at Negative Ion Grenade and shorted out the cab's power core. Cabbie was relieved once Hawkman showed up and battled Lobo but Superman suspected a trap. Cabbie took out the jack and brought the cab down to a nearby Abandoned Anthracite Mine. He watched in delight as Superman and Hawkman fought Lobo but realized Mister Mind escaped his prison globe. He sighted Mind inside the dashboard trying to rig the cab to explode. He reached inside but Mind moved a fan in the direction of his hand. Cabbie tried another angle and gushed over having the most ruthless evil intergalactic villain in his cab. Mind fell for it and agreed to take a photo with him for his collection. While Mind was blinded by the camera flash, Cabbie grabbed him.

Lobo and Superman crashed onto the hood of the cab. Mind slithered out through a hole in the windshield but ended up getting squashed into two by Lobo. Cabbie was grossed out and couldn't believe Superman and Hawkman came in second to Lobo. They made it back to the Watchtower on Earth and waited for Mister Mind to regenerate in his new prison quarters. Cabbie snapped a quick photo with Mind then implied it was time to pay him for fare and damages. Hawkman remembered he picked a piece of anthracite from his wings. Superman used his super strength to crush it into a large diamond. Cabbie whistled and happily accepted then took a photo with Superman and Hawkman.