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Roxy Rocket

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Real Identity: Roxanne Sutton
Appearances: The Fatal Fare
Powers/Skills: Navigation
Voiced By: Gillian Jacobs

Roxy Rocket is a former stunt actor turned daredevil who left Earth to start her own cosmic charter service. Fashioning herself as an interplanetary entrepreneur, Roxy tried to cut into the Nine Planet Taxi's business by offering very low prices. She filmed a commercial and employed G'nort of the Green Lantern Corps and Lobo. Space Cabbie wasn't amused and didn't think a gal with a stolen warp engine wasn't going to steal his customers. After the battle on the Third Moon of Graxos IV ended, Jack was unable to repair the Space Cab so it hired Roxy Rocket for a ride. Cabbie was annoyed and declared he would rather walk. Roxy Rocket emerged from a wormhole. She told Cabbie to hop on and hold on tight then blinked at him. Cabbie begrudgingly put a helmet on and climbed aboard. He worried if the other cabbies found it, he'd never let it down. Roxy then told him to make some room because she had to pick up another fare on the acid lake planet Schlough, Darkseid.