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Jimmy Olsen

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Real Identity: James Bartholomew "Jimmy" Olsen
Affiliations: Daily Planet
Appearances: Shazam Slam (Power Outage), Superman's Pal, Sid Sharp, and The Ringer (Hallucination)
Powers/Skills: Journalism
Voiced By: Max Mittelman

Jimmy Olsen is an employee of the Daily Planet and friend of Superman. Under threat of physical harm, Olsen went to Stryker's Island Penitentiary to record b-roll footage of Parasite on Lois Lane's behalf for her article. He arrived on his scooter just as two Metropolis Police Department officers finished transferring Parasite into a van. He started recording but Superman insisted he let the police do their job. Suddenly, a meteor crashed into the van holding Parasite. Wonder Woman took Olsen to safety. He hurried after her and Calythos and recorded their battle live at Mid-City Park. As he contemplated the footage going viral, Olsen ducked just in time as Calythos was knocked through the tree he was hiding behind. Olsen had a crisis of conscience and questioned why he was risking his life for fleeting online fame. Suddenly, the 182,000 plus views of his live feed jumped to over 280,000. He was reassured he was doing the right thing.

After he reviewed his recording, Olsen realized Calythos integrated Parasite into himself and was using his power absorbing powers. He returned to the Daily Planet and ran up the stairs to the roof, painfully learning he needed to increase his cardio workouts. After he caught his breath, Olsen showed Wonder Woman and Superman his discovery. They formulated a strategy to stop Calythos once and for all.

After Sid Sharp went on a rant in the reporter's pool about Clark Kent scooping all the Superman stories, Olsen informed him Kent and Superman were friends. Olsen speculated Kent probably got another tip from Superman right after he stopped the Metropolis Mercantile Bank robbery. Sharp suddenly got an idea to be his own superhero in order to get leads and called Olsen a genius. Parademons were sent by Desaad to capture Superman. One picked up Olsen and examined him. They took Sharp by accident since he was dressed up like Superman. After he was rescued, Sharp retold his adventure to the other reporters. Olsen wasn't so sure of his account. Sharp told him to read all about it in the early edition and promised to invite him to his inevitable Pulitzer Prize ceremony.