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Real Identity: Merlin
Appearances: Speed Demon and Hat Trick
Powers/Skills: Mastery of Magic
Voiced By: Dan Donohue and Patrick Seitz (Hat Trick)

The wizard Merlin is one of the most powerful users of magic on Earth. At some point, he and Etrigan became allies. In the present, Etrigan concluded he needed his own enchanted vehicle to stop the hexed Batmobile. Etrigan shouted for Merlin. A surge of energy shot from the sky and landed in the park. Merlin appeared and asked what he wanted. Etrigan asked him to give life to a parked police car but the Batmobile rammed it. Etrigan tackled Merlin to safety. The police car exploded. Merlin offered his condolences. Etrigan eyed the ice cream truck and had Merlin enchant it instead. With little time to waste, Etrigan summoned Merlin to teleport himself, Batman, and Zatanna from Gotham City to the Hebrides Island in Scotland to stop Felix Faust from using Zatanna's magic hat. Merlin's face manifested from a cloud. He was annoyed but granted Etrigan's request and implored him to bother him no more.