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Keely Miller

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Real Identity: Keely Miller
Appearances: Party Animal
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Lacey Chabert

Keely Miller is a six year old who lives in Metropolis. During the Metropolis Christmas Eve Festival, a Met 31 reporter interviewed young Miller and asked her what she hoped Santa Claus would bring her. She was hoping for a teddy bear. The interview was disrupted by Solomon Grundy, who was being chased by Green Arrow and Plastic Man. One of Arrow's exploding arrows sent Grundy flying near the reporter and Miller. When she looked, she saw a giant teddy bear. Grundy angrily ripped the head off and revealed his face. Arrow fired four tranquilizer arrows into his butt and he was neutralized. During Arrow's Christmas party, Grundy saw a news report about the incident he caused. Superman gave him his teddy bear present and stated no one should be without a present on Christmas. Grundy thought about Miller and ran off in search of her. Arrow eventually realized what he was doing and asked Flash to find her as soon as possible. He did and took her to the scene of the battle. Grundy knelt in front of her and apologized for scaring her. He gave her his teddy bear and quoted Superman. Miller was happy and hugged Grundy.