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Pa and Ma Kent

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Real Identity: Jonathan and Martha Kent
Appearances: Harley Goes Ape! (Pa Kent only)
Powers/Skills: Farming
Voiced By:

Pa and Ma Kent are Superman's adoptive parents and maintain a farm in Smallville. While stranded and powerless on a planet with a red sun and hunted by Steppenwolf, Superman relied on his wits and made several simple traps and vines. He remarked Pa was right and quoted him, "Once a scout, always a scout." During a bout of amnesia caused by Felix Faust, Firestorm found Clark Kent at the Daily Planet. Firestorm took a framed photo of Pa and Ma Kent and transmutated it into a mirror then gave it to Kent so he could see he shared Superman's looks. During a battle with Gorilla Grodd and Titano, Superman zoomed out of the city past Smallville to the Fortress of Solitude. Pa Kent happened to be working on a tractor outside and greeted Superman. He soon zoomed past on his way back to Metropolis. Pa bid him goodbye and continued working.