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Pa and Ma Kent

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Real Identity: Jonathan and Martha Kent
Appearances: Harley Goes Ape! (Pa Kent only)
Powers/Skills: Farming
Voiced By:

Pa and Ma Kent are Superman's adoptive parents and maintain a farm in Smallville. While stranded and powerless on a planet with a red sun and hunted by Steppenwolf, Superman relied on his wits and made several simple traps and vines. He remarked Pa was right and quoted him, "Once a scout, always a scout." During a bout of amnesia caused by Felix Faust, Firestorm found Clark Kent at the Daily Planet. Firestorm took a framed photo of Pa and Ma Kent and transmutated it into a mirror then gave it to Kent so he could see he shared Superman's looks. During a battle with Gorilla Grodd and Titano, Superman zoomed out of the city past Smallville to the Fortress of Solitude. Pa Kent happened to be working on a tractor outside and greeted Superman. He soon zoomed past on his way back to Metropolis. Pa bid him goodbye and continued working. After dispersing some twisters in Smallville, Superman and Supergirl caught wind of Ma Kent's famous blueberry pie and set off for the farm.