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Mark Hamill

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Real Identity: Mark Hamill
Appearances (Webisodes): Missing the Mark
Powers/Skills: Acting and Voice Acting
Voiced By: Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill is a famous actor and celebrity. While in Gotham City, Hamill planned to visit the Gotham Observatory but the driver he hired on his mobile app turned out to be the Joker. To make matters worse, the Trickster was also involved. Joker pushed a button his console and Hamill was tied up with his own seatbelt. The Joker revealed his plan was to simply hold him for ransom and extort the studios to pay a hefty sum for his safe return. The Trickster admitted Hamill was his favorite actor and recalled his movie "Corvette Summer", about a young lad who fights impossible odds to fulfill his destiny. After a police car started to chase them, Hamill used his often overlooked voice acting talents to mimic the Trickster and Joker. He gave bad directions and threw insults in an effort to turn the villains against each other all while tricking them to driving into a park. Swamp Thing appeared and grabbed the car. Swamp Thing congratulated him on the neat trick.