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Guard Karen

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Real Identity: Karen
Affiliations: Stryker's Island Penitentiary
Appearances: Best Day Ever
Powers/Skills: Law Enforcement
Voiced By:

The Warden of Stryker's Island Penitentiary assigned a guard named Karen to guard Lex Luthor's cell. Under his orders, she aimed her gun through a small circular opening at Luthor at all times. She also had to constantly remind Luthor to show his hands at all times. One day, Luthor went on about his latest crime involving a bomb of ultimate destruction. He rationalizing building one was not the same as using it and considering making one more of a hobby. The Joker sneaked up on her and blew a party favor. It emitted a gas that knocked Karen out. By day's end, Luthor was recaptured. He settled back into his cell but Karen wheeled the Joker in and announced he got a new roommate.