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Chancellor Al-On

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Real Identity: Chancellor Al-On
Appearances: Battle for the Bottled City
Powers/Skills: Administration
Voiced By: Jason J Lewis

Chancellor Al-On is an elected official representing Kandor and among the people taken when Brainiac miniaturized and stole the city. A few decades later, Al-On greeted Superman when he made his first trip into the Bottle City. After shaking by custom, Al-On addressed the Kandorians that gathered and proclaimed a son of Krypton had returning. The crowd cheered in celebration. He was horrified to see Brainiac in possession of the bottle once again. Superman set off to try and escape. He was naturally perplexed when the climate suddenly turned into winter, not knowing the bottle fell into an arctic river, and invoked Rao. After Superman restored the climate back to normal with his heat vision, the Kandorians cheered and Al-On smiled.