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Real Identity: Cain
Affiliations: House of Mystery
Appearances: Trick of Threat
Powers/Skills: Intangibility and Possession
Voiced By: Trevor Devall

Cain is a storyteller and housekeeper of the House of Mystery. Basking in the simply joy of Halloween, Cain told the story of a time when the House of Mystery appeared in a small American neighborhood. First, he introduced the House of Mystery then stated those who enter its doorway are forever changed by the experience. He noted four children nearby would soon learn that lesson then vanished from the rocking chair on the porch laughing. After Klarion the Witch Boy tricked the children into entering the House, a bust of Cain animated and warned his audience that the scary part was coming. He warned some may want to close their eyes. When the House vanished after midnight, it spinned through a sort of limbo dimension. Cain sat atop the roof and advised his audience not to be scared since it was just a story. He invited anyone passed by a spooky old house on Halloween that wasn't there before to come in and say hello then he laughed. Down below, Klarion stared out the window scared. Cain laughed.