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Mr. Anderson

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Real Identity: Mr. Anderson
Appearances: Supernatural Adventures in Babysitting
Powers/Skills: Knowledge of History
Voiced By: Damian O'Hare

Mr. Anderson is a professor who collects various historical objects and has a son named Timmy. He hired Courtney Whitmore to be his babysitter, mostly in part because of her quick reflexes helped prevent his collection from being damaged by his son. After hearing about a downtown auction dealing in late 12 century antiquities, the professor hired Courtney for the night. He aimed to win the throne of Henry the First. Timmy knocked over a 1200 year old vase as he jumped into Courtney's arms but she caught it safe and sound. He asked Timmy to be careful and to be good to Courtney then departed. Klarion was drawn to Anderson's home because he had the Magdalene Grimoire in his collection. As a result, Klarion and Teekl battled Stargirl, Batman, and Constantine in his study. Mr. Anderson returned home later that night none the wiser. Timmy jumped into his father's arms. Anderson asked if everything went smoothly. Courtney replied Timmy was an angel. Timmy revealed Batman came. Anderson pretended to believe him then Timmy revealed Batman gave him a smartphone.