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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Shazam Slam (Abate and Switch), Follow That Space Cab!, Nuclear Family Values, Zombie King, Galaxy Jest, and Play Date
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

After the Justice League defeated the Brothers Djinn and Black Adam, Wonder Woman realized Calythos' second volcano was the perfect location for their new headquarters. She christened it, the Watchtower. Green Lantern, Superman, and Shazam helped to complete the tower. Cyborg, Green Arrow, Batman, Constantine, Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing, and Plastic Man were also present to witness the Watchtower's completion.

Mister Mind was tried before the Galactic Court on charges of intergalactic terrorism and found guilty. He was sentenced and ordered to serve his time at the Watchtower. Superman escorted him back to Earth but he was attacked by Lobo and Jonas who wanted the bounty placed on Mind by Boss Kack. Space Cabbie and Hawkman came to Superman's aid. Mind was stepped on by Lobo and split in half. Lobo tossed Superman the lower half in Mind. Mind fully regenerated but realized he was in a prison inside of the Watchtower. Space Cabbie took a photo with Mind then implied he needed to collect on his fare and damages for his totaled cab. Luckily, Hawkman picked a piece of anthracite from his wings. Superman crushed it into a sizeable diamond and gave it to Cabbie. He happily accepted then took a photo with Superman and Hawkman.

During the attack on the Hudson Nuclear Power Plant, Batman was at the Watchtower. He hailed Superman and Wonder Woman to see if any of them were close by to prevent the impending meltdown. They were not. Batman checked and neither were the Flash, Green Lantern or Martian Manhunter. He discovered someone was on their way but it was a superhero unaffiliated with the League, Firestorm. Batman received a distress call from Swamp Thing. He departed the Watchtower in the Batjet. After Joker was kidnapped by Mongul, Batman contacted the Justice League for assistance. Superman and Wonder Woman disembarked from the Watchtower, the latter in a spacecraft, to space.

Toyman broke into the Watchtower around 5 pm during one of Cyborg's shifts. While he was distracted with playing "Blvd Brawler" online against Blue Beetle on an upper level, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman fought off Toyman's army of toys on the main deck. Superman was punched into Cyborg's room and notified him of the crisis. Cyborg attempted to interface with one of the broken toys but Superman already believed the culprit was Toyman. Toyman appeared in a mech suit and launched his Star Sparkle Super Putty at Superman. It was Kryptonite and wrapped around him. Toyman tossed several gas cannisters and the others lost consciousness. Toyman affixed devices on them that gave him full control of their movement and he assimilated the Watchtower training room into an arcade parlor for "Blvd Brawlers 2 JLA." Toyman announced Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg were going to fight to the finish for his entertainment.

Cyborg initiated the second part of his plan and goaded Toyman into accepting his challenge for a little friendly competition. Toyman chose Superman for himself and Batman for Cyborg. Cyborg managed to get Batman's Super Meter charged and used a Kryptonite Ring Punch to knock out Superman and win the round. Toyman chose Wonder Woman and won then declared the competition was over. Cyborg cried foul but Toyman forced him to walk towards Wonder Woman who was about to start punching him but Toyman's controls were finally overridden. They were free and chased after Toyman. Wonder Woman and Superman crippled his suit as he fled. Another interfaced toy picked up Toyman by the shorts before he could get away.