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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Shazam Slam (Abate and Switch), Follow That Space Cab!, Nuclear Family Values, Zombie King, Galaxy Jest, Play Date, Rage of the Red Lanterns, Inside Job, The Trouble with Truth, Booster's Gold, Booray for Bizarro, Best Day Ever, Superman's Pal, Sid Sharp, Superman Red vs. Superman Blue, The Ringer (Hallucination), Forget Me Not, The Brain Buster, Phased and Confused, It'll Take a Miracle!, System Error, Watchtower Tours, Unleashed, and She Wore Red Velvet
Appearances (Webisodes): Up and Atom, Good Cop, Bat Cop, Selfie Help, Mint Condition, Something in the Hair, and Skyjacked
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

After the Justice League defeated the Brothers Djinn and Black Adam, Wonder Woman realized Calythos' second volcano was the perfect location for their new headquarters. She christened it, the Watchtower. Green Lantern, Superman, and Shazam helped to complete the tower. Cyborg, Green Arrow, Batman, Constantine, Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing, and Plastic Man were also present to witness the Watchtower's completion. Superman's Fortress of Solitude was selected as the secondary headquarters of the Justice League in case anything happened to the Watchtower. At some point after the Watchtower's completion, Batman and Wonder Woman offered the Atom full membership to the League but he was more focused on his research. Suddenly, a Super Parademon boomed into the lab and attacked them. Atom used his size changing powers to shrink the Parademon, punch it out and trap it in a petri dish. Atom decided to accept the Justice League's offer. He jokingly asked what the secret handshake was but Batman was already gone.

Mister Mind was tried before the Galactic Court on charges of intergalactic terrorism and found guilty. He was sentenced and ordered to serve his time at the Watchtower. Superman escorted him back to Earth but he was attacked by Lobo and Jonas who wanted the bounty placed on Mind by Boss Kack. Space Cabbie and Hawkman came to Superman's aid. Mind was stepped on by Lobo and split in half. Lobo tossed Superman the lower half in Mind. Mind fully regenerated but realized he was in a prison inside of the Watchtower. Space Cabbie took a photo with Mind then implied he needed to collect on his fare and damages for his totaled cab. Luckily, Hawkman picked a piece of anthracite from his wings. Superman crushed it into a sizeable diamond and gave it to Cabbie. He happily accepted then took a photo with Superman and Hawkman.

During the attack on the Hudson Nuclear Power Plant, Batman was at the Watchtower. He hailed Superman and Wonder Woman to see if any of them were close by to prevent the impending meltdown. They were not. Batman checked and neither were the Flash, Green Lantern or Martian Manhunter. He discovered someone was on their way but it was a superhero unaffiliated with the League, Firestorm. Batman received a distress call from Swamp Thing. He departed the Watchtower in the Batjet. After Joker was kidnapped by Mongul, Batman contacted the Justice League for assistance. Superman and Wonder Woman disembarked from the Watchtower, the latter in a spacecraft, to space.

Toyman broke into the Watchtower around 5 pm during one of Cyborg's shifts. While he was distracted with playing "Blvd Brawler" online against Blue Beetle on an upper level, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman fought off Toyman's army of toys on the main deck. Superman was punched into Cyborg's room and notified him of the crisis. Cyborg attempted to interface with one of the broken toys but Superman already believed the culprit was Toyman. Toyman appeared in a mech suit and launched his Star Sparkle Super Putty at Superman. It was Kryptonite and wrapped around him. Toyman tossed several gas cannisters and the others lost consciousness. Toyman affixed devices on them that gave him full control of their movement and he assimilated the Watchtower training room into an arcade parlor for "Blvd Brawlers 2 JLA." Toyman announced Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg were going to fight to the finish for his entertainment.

Cyborg initiated the second part of his plan and goaded Toyman into accepting his challenge for a little friendly competition. Toyman chose Superman for himself and Batman for Cyborg. Cyborg managed to get Batman's Super Meter charged and used a Kryptonite Ring Punch to knock out Superman and win the round. Toyman chose Wonder Woman and won then declared the competition was over. Cyborg cried foul but Toyman forced him to walk towards Wonder Woman who was about to start punching him but Toyman's controls were finally overridden. They were free and chased after Toyman. Wonder Woman and Superman crippled his suit as he fled. Another interfaced toy picked up Toyman by the shorts before he could get away. While Batman was more interested in spending the day studying an alien artifact, a meteor on a projected course to downtown Bludhaven was monitored by Cyborg, Superman, and Wonder Woman. The meteor suddenly shifted course to the Watchtower. It turned out to be Lobo, who seeked sanctuary from the Red Lantern Corps.

A small team of Red Lanterns led by Atrocitus soon arrived in search of Lobo, who they claimed stole several newly forged Red Lantern Rings. Superman asked for a moment for the League to locate the rings. Atrocitus agreed but secretly one of his Lanterns, Dex-Starr, was infiltrating the Watchtower. It sneaked up the face of the cliff the Watchtower sat atop and entered a tunnel after prying a grate off. It easily went past the laser security grid and opened the front door for the rest of the Red Lanterns. As the Leaguers conferred about what to do with Lobo, he exacerbated the situation by making it look like League was working with Lobo to steal the rings. While the League and Lanterns fought each other, Lobo slipped away and activated the Spider Gauntlet, his true objective and blasted everyone outside. The League and Lanterns agreed to a temporary alliance to take Lobo down. Superman was taken back to the Watchtower after Luthor tricked him into infecting himself with nanobots. Red Tornado and the Atom assessed his condition.

Red Tornado remained at the tower while the others shrank down and entered Superman's body to destroy the nanobots. Luthor figured out the Atom was aiding in Superman's recovery so he breached the Watchtower. Red Tornado mounted a defense but was shorted out. Luthor found Superman and blasted his body with Kryptonite rays. The Atom exited Superman's mouth and stole the gun away. Batman and Wonder Woman destroyed the nanobot queen then forced Superman to sneeze them out just in time. They returned to normal size just as they were propelled into Luthor. Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, and Batman attempted to track down H.I.V.E.'s Cobalt Fusion Bomb from the Watchtower. Just as Batman suggested looking for a large radioactive signature, Athena arrived with news Wonder Woman was going to become the goddess of truth. Athena agreed to one last mission and Bubo flew over to the tower's computers and instantly tracked down H.I.V.E.'s secret base.

After Jonah Hex's frozen body was discovered, he was brought back to the Watchtower and shipped to a secure facility, along with confiscated objects, on the Space Train. After Batman and Superman captured Deadshot in Gotham City, they took him to the Watchtower for interrogation. Wonder Woman and Firestorm observed while Superman played the bad cop and Batman, the good cop, for once. Deadshot was weirded out and caved in. Batman later enlisted Space Cabbie's services for transportation from New Genesis back to Earth. Batman excused himself from the garage bay to get his wallet upstairs and pay the $38,000 fare rather than take a selfie with him. Cabbie went looking for Batman but found Booster Gold in the monitor room then discovered he heavily promoted his endorsed drink Golden Fizz in a lot of selfies he took. Cabbie continued on and entered the holographic training simulator room. Unaware of it, he mistook a battle between Wonder Woman and Parademons as the real thing. She was impressed he came to her aid but he simply wanted a selfie.

After Booster Gold neglected monitor duty, Batman traced his signal and Green Arrow to search for him since he happened to be in the same area. A monthly League meeting at the Watchtower was interrupted when an android named Amazo burst in and declared it was going to destroy them. Amazo was disappointed to see only Green Lantern, Flash, Martian Manhunter, and Batman were present. Flash ran up the side of a wall and leaped towards Amazo then punched him repeatedly but the android copied his powers. Amazo punched Flash repeatedly then threw him into Green Lantern. Amazo scanned Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern next, then used their powers against Batman. Superman arrived and punched Amazo through several floors but had his powers scanned, as well. With the Leaguers present captured, Amazo went to the computers and sent out an alert for a priority one emergency meeting to all members. He planned to duplicate every power then take over the world. Amazo placed everyone into a prison cell and turned on its power damping grids.

Wonder Woman sneaked into the prison level but with Batman's intellect, Amazo suspected he was hiding something. Wonder Woman lassoed Amazo and threw him into an electrical panel but he phased through the Lasso of Truth then used super speed to tie her up in it. She was placed in another cell. Amazo was about to set his trap but Bizarro arrived with Space Cabbie, who he thought was the smartest person in the galaxy. Naturally, Amazo was confused. He tried to hurl Cabbie but Bizarro saved him. Amazo scanned Bizarro but Bizarro attacked. Batman instructed Cabbie to go downstairs to the lab and flip the switch on the energy circuit to stop the transmission recalling the other Justice Leaguers. Amazo found Cabbie in the lab but was shot clear across by an innocent looking little gun. He froze Cabbie's hands but Bizarro arrived. Amazo's circuits began to scramble trying to compute Bizarro's backwards logic and overloaded.

Batman, the Flash, Superman, and Wonder Woman met at the Watchtower after the Joker broke Lex Luthor out of Stryker's Island Penitentiary with a Mother Box. Batman intercepted a photograph taken at an amusement park of Joker and Luthor riding the log flume. The Flash pointed out they were just hanging out but Batman reminded everyone Joker broke Luthor out. Flash pointed out they were hanging out. Batman stated they were working. Superman brought up how they talked about going bowling. Wonder Woman ended the tangent and stated the Joker's antics were never as innocent as they seemed. Flash deduced Joker wanted something of Luthor's. Batman zoomed in on Joker's list in the photo and the North Pole was next. Superman realized that meant his Fortress of Solitude. As a precaution, Batman left Ace the Bathound to guard the Watchtower. Joker and Luthor indeed boomed into the Watchtower while they were gone. Ace managed to bite off a piece from the rear of Joker's pants. He presented the cloth to Batman when the League returned. Batman congratulated Ace with a 'well done'. He responded with a nod and wagged his tail. Wonder Woman found it adorable Superman and Batman had pet dogs.

Batman returned to the Watchtower to analyze a weapon confiscated from a botched robbery of the Metropolis Mercantile Bank. His hypothesis was verified and Batman later informed Superman the weapons were indeed from Apokolips. Desaad dispatched his Parademons to the Daily Planet but a reporter dressed like Superman was kidnapped by mistake. Superman set off for Apokolips. Batman informed him the Boom Tube originated from inside Darkseid's throne room and inquired if Sid Sharp was a friend of his. Superman stated he was someone in need of his help and reached Apokolips. After Superman and Wonder Woman were split into two by Lex Luthor's Kryptonite Radiation Emitter, the blue versions returned to the Watchtower with Luthor in tow. Luthor was placed in a cell and Green Arrow tried to make sense of what happened. Batman programmed the League's satellite to track down the emitter's unique Kryptonite radiation signature. Batman and Arrow departed for one of Luthor's abandoned labs while the Superman and Wonder Woman Blue continued cheering for Batman's ingenuity.

Superman and Wonder Woman Red succeeded in splitting Batman. The three reds went to the Watchtower, placed the two blues in a cell, and continued with Batman Red's plan. They connected the emitter to the Watchtower and planned to beam the signal through the League's satellite around the world and split every member then the reds would conquer the blues then the world. Batman Red discovered the emitter was low on power and they would only get one shot. Batman Blue ruined the element of surprise. Green Arrow fired a trick arrow. A claw emerged and clutched the emitter then Arrow tried to run off with it. Superman Red grabbed his leg and tripped him up. The emitter inadvertently went off and blasted Luthor. Batman Red stopped Superman Red from firing on Arrow due to the limited energy. Luthor Red knocked out his blue counterpart with a chair and offered his expertise. He wired the emitter into the Watchtower's power core to solve the battery issue then pressed a button. Blasters in the ceiling targeted Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman Red and merged them back with their counterparts. Batman deduced the blues contained their true nature and the reds were the aberrations so Luthor Red was a good version. Luthor Red targeted himself and re-merged with the other Luthor. Luthor was angered by the betrayal. To add insult to injury, Superman reaffirmed he always knew Luthor had a good side but it was also his smartest side. Luthor scowled.

Firestorm scrambled to the Watchtower for the latest League meeting. Even though he was late, no one else was present. Firestorm checked the comm links but they were all offline except his. Professor Stein stated they had to find any of them as soon as possible and suggested the Daily Planet first. After Firestorm found an amnesiac Clark Kent and convinced him he was Superman, he was taken back to the Watchtower along with Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince. Firestorm tried to tell them they were Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Wayne threatend to call his lawyer. Prince wanted to call a cab. Kent stopped them and demonstrated by dropping down into the ocean below. He returned to the upper level drenched but unharmed. On Stein's insinuation, Firestorm tried to jog their memories by transforming their clothes into their respective costumes but it didn't work. As Firestorm coached Batman on how to do his voice, a Metropolis News Network live report popped up and covered an appearance by Felix Faust.

After Lex Luthor was kidnapped by a robot, Batman brought Mr. Terrific into the investigation. They went over the prison footage at the Watchtower. Terrific noted it was the third abduction in 24 hours. Luthor, Calculator and the Brain were all taken. Batman pondered the connection. Terrific noticed they were all geniuses in their own right and joked about Darkseid needing help with a Sudoku. Batman was displeased and referred to a recently published world's smartest list that had Terrific in third place. Terrific reiterated conjecture without data was just a guess and didn't put much stock in the accuracy of the list. A proximity alert was triggered and the same robot emerged from a portal demanding them both to come with it. Terrific flew towards the robot and was blasted. The beam teleported Terrific to an alien world. Batman was sent soon after. Cyborg added more Bot Bots to his collection in his quarters but Toyman infiltrated the tower again and turned the figures into weapons.

Cyborg tried to break the news to Stargirl and Batman gently with a good news-bad news briefing but the Bot Bots opened fire. Cyborg scrambled and took blasts of the Cosmic Staff and destroyed Batarangs before they could hit any of his Bot Bots. Cyborg instructed them to gently put each one back in their boxes. Toyman revealed he armed one with explosives powerful enough to destroy the Watchtower. Cyborg appealed to his shared love of Bot Bots and pointed out he armed a Generation Three international 1982 Bot Bot, one of five in existence. A true lover of them, Toyman couldn't go through with his plans. Batman decided to leave and pretend nothing ever happened. Booster Gold overslept and failed to show up for monitor duty. As a result, Zod's latest escape from the Phantom Zone wasn't noticed right away. Batman called in Superman and Wonder Woman and briefed them. They headed to S.T.A.R. Labs to stop Zod from stealing the Kryptonian Prism. Soon after they returned to the tower, they started to phase out of existence.

Booster Gold walked into the monitor room with tons of pizza but was oblivious to Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman's plight. When he clocked in, he ignored the status update and played a round of Blvd Brawlers. Batman determined they had just enough tangibility to affect tiny changes in the visible world. He manipulated a console to project Morse Code. Booster removed the red light thinking it was time to be replaced. He stopped in the locker room and dressed up like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. He returned to monitor duty and crank called Arkham Asylum. Batman went to the bathroom and managed to turn the hot water tap. He was able to write a message on a mirror but Booster wiped it away and picked food out of his teeth. Wonder Woman got an idea and they went into the kitchen. Together, they shoved a glass bowl of Jaw Destroyers off a table. As Booster started to gorge, they made a trail of Destroyers to the Phantom Zone Projector. Batman placed a dollar bill on top of it. Booster snatched it and inadvertently turned on the projector.

Zod flew in front of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman at the last second and became tangible instead of them. Booster was no match for Zod. Zod took the projector and blasted the prism, freeing Faora and Quex-Ul. Booster could see his allies through the prism. Batman had one more plan. Booster begged Zod to let him join his friends in the Phantom Zone. Knowing the horrors of that realm, Zod obliged his request and fired the projector. Booster held out the prism and freed the others. During the battle, Zod attempted to fire the projector. Wonder Woman whipped a green Jaw Destroyer into his head. While he was distracted, Superman grabbed a panel and deflected the beam at Zod, Faora, and Quex-Ul. The projector pulled them back into the Phantom Zone. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman didn't immediately free Booster from the prism. On Batman's order, Mr. Miracle opened a Boom Tube back to the Watchtower and they fled Apokolips. Miracle and Big Barda made amends but he regretted leaving the Anti-Life Equation with Darkseid. Batman revealed he switched the real one with Miracle's laser light show. The orb holding the equation would be kept under guard at the Watchtower.

Poison Ivy used her new mind control spores on Batman to escape her prison cell. Plastic Man showed for Watchtower duty in the evening. After swatting the spores down, Plastic Man ran after Batman and Ivy on the Batcyle down a bridge made a seaweed. Once they landed at the docks, Ivy commanded the seaweed to capture Plastic Man. He collected some water in his arm underwater then doused Ivy and Batman. Batman reverted to normal and Ivy was powerless. Batman boomed a team of robots based on himself, Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Booster Gold from a pocket dimension to the Watchtower after he picked up his counterpart's distress signal. Superman thanked them for all their help in destroying Darkseid's test data. Wonder Woman suggested relocating them to a planet in need of heroes. Booster Gold's latest scheme was the Justice League Watchtower Guided Celebrity Tour and Souvenir Emporium. Toyman, Granny Goodness, and the Joker disguised themselves and took part in the first tour.

Booster greeted them in the docking bay on the boat he rented arrived. The villains had no idea who he was. Towards the end of the tour, Booster showed them the laundry room then prepared for the boiler room. Toyman called the tour dull and pointed out they paid good money for it. Booster took them to the hangar and cast off Justice-1 as his private jet Booster-1 but Granny pointed out its name was on the side of it. Booster directed them to the Batjet then an empty room after Jackie asked about Wonder Woman's jet. He was amused they believed it was there but invisible. Rather than go to the restrooms like Granny requested, Booster took them to the kitchen. They soon discovered it doubled as a training room after Booster Gold accidentally requested a simulation related to the Green Lantern Boodika. The room turned into a lava pit. They dodged tendrils and buzz saws. With the door out of their reach and Booster's power nearly depleted, the suit's Automatic Emergency Space-Time Shift activated and teleported them 35 minutes into the future in the monitor room.

Granny noticed it was 5:12 pm and there still wasn't any restroom around. Jackie looked at a console and was scanned. Internal defenses detected a suspicous device. Lockdown procedure was inititated and a rapid deployment team of 32 security drones were dispatched to them. Teddy, Toyman's robot, interfaced with systems and began trying to infect it with malware. Toyman was unable to turn Teddy off nor get past its force field. Granny suggested using her Mother Box to destroy the drones. Jackie revealed herself to really be the Joker all along. Out of the three, he was only one who actually came for the tour. The drones arrived and attempted to eradicate them with lasers. Granny tossed Mother Box to Toyman as the desk he used for a hiding spot was blown up. He ran it to the Joker who ran into Booster then put the box in his hand then ran off. Booster quickly activated it and threw it near Teddy. It fell into the Boom Tube and 31 drones followed. The last drone chased after Booster. He opened a door, dodged it at the last second then closed the door.

Defenses still detected intruders and sent more drones. Booster Gold was annoyed the others were properly identified but he was an 'unknown associate.' They ran for the hall. Booster tried to call Batman with Joker's phone but was forwarded to voicemail. They dodged the drones and cheered after they crashed but they reassembled. Booster realized his suit charged for one person to make the jump. He teleported out of the tower. Toyman, Granny, and Joker tried to seal themselves in a room but the drones broke in. Suddenly, 32 Booster Golds appeared behind the villains and blasted the drones to pieces. After several terrible drone puns, the present day Booster explained they were all from alternate timelines and gave them marshmallows as they departed to their respective points in time. They realized Batman was in the room. Booster claimed the obviously negligent and unlicensed tour business was actually a clever ruse to trap three villains and foil their plots to destroy the Watchtower. At his prompting, Booster remembered Joker was completely innocent. He and Skeets left to return the boat.

Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batman, Hawkman, Cyborg, and Martian Manhunter left the Watchtower through a Boom Tube to stop an impending Red Lantern invasion of Earth from happening. Watchtower defense protocols were initiated and Plastic Man was left behind to dog sit Krypto. While he was walking Krypto outside the tower, he found a stray cat on drift wood in the ocean. He had no idea it was Red Lantern Dex-Starr. He dried Dex then left to cook him a meal. Dex checked in with Atrocitus then found the Mother Box. Krypto attacked but Plastic Man thought he was just being a bad dog. Dex was given a lot of food and was stuffed. Plastic Man kept making more food. Dex made Krypto look bad by making it look like he broke a plate. Plastic Man set Dex in front of a flat screen TV turned on to a soap opera then went to continue cooking. Krypto stopped Dex from using the League's Mother Box again but caused fires and Plastic Man still had no clue what was really going on. He put Krypto into the Sun Room and set it to red.

Dex-Starr rejected Plastic Man's weird cake and revealed himself to be a Red Lantern. Krypto bit his dog tag and set off a distress signal. Streaky was in Metropolis stopping a mugging and flew to the tower. Streaky was knocked through Krypto's room but his powers were restored. Dex collapsed the ceiling then returned to the Mother Box and triggered a Boom Tube. Streaky battled the Red Lanterns and Dex's stomach gurgled then he ran to the carrier. It was Plastic Man in disguise and he took Dex's ring. Krypto was released and he turned off the Mother Box. The Lanterns were recalled as the tube closed. The League returned to the Watchtower when they realized they were duped into booming to a diversion. Plastic Man down played his role in saving the world and only admitted he helped. On a Sunday, Booster Gold told Batman, Green Arrow, and Wonder Woman about his book signing at Gotham Books ruined by a supervillain they never heard of, Red Velvet. Arrow suspected he scammed her then an intruder alert was set off. Arrow pointed out that happened a lot this year.

Red Velvet appeared then referred to Booster Gold as "MJ" and he knew the truth. She was his fiancee. She used time travel to go back in time and blasted through the Earth's crust so that at that exact moment, the volcano where the Watchtower was built on would erupt. Batman, Booster, Arrow, and Wonder Woman managed to flee in Justice-1 but the Watchtower was destroyed. Batman and Booster went back to the future and tried to change the timeline. They attempted to make sure he wed his fiancee but Batman realized they couldn't and objected. Red Velvet appeared and confirmed the marriage drove her mad. The marriage didn't take place and the destruction of the Watchtower became an alternate timeline. They explained it to Wonder Woman and Green Arrow at the tower. Arrow brought up that he recommended 100 times that they should have built the Watchtower in space. Batman confirmed there was no record of Velvet in the present or future anymore. Batman attempted to console Booster Gold but he almost immediately asked for Giganta's phone number.