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Third Moon of Graxos IV

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: The Fatal Fare
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

After Superman planted the Atom in a new Mother Box to disable the entire Boom Tube network, a small Apokoliptian fleet intent on invading Earth was boomed to the Third Moon of Graxos IV instead. Requiring a clandestine form of transportation to the moon, Darkseid hired Space Cabbie for a ride in order to stay under the radar of the Justice League and the like. Cabbie questioned why Darkseid wanted to a "mud ball" with a "bad smell" but Darkseid didn't like having his request challenged. Cabbie got scared and drove him straight to the moon. Darkseid paid him with a Platinum Omega, told him to keep the change and not to wait up. Darkseid walked over to the site where his fleet had crashed. Desaad presented the captured Superman and Kanto informed him they couldn't get rid of the "virus" that infected the Boom Tube network. Cabbie forgot to give Darkseid his receipt and followed his trail to the ships. He spied on the meeting, made a small noise, and ran back to his cab to inform the Justice League. He decided to leave the moon first but Darkseid placed his hand on the hood and stopped him.

Darkseid decided to overlook Cabbie defying his wishes and staying on the moon since his associate Kanto supposedly needed a ride back to Apokolips. Cabbie left the radio on for the League to trace and tricked Kanto into taking a trip to Earth under the guise it was dangerous jungle planet. After Kanto was taken care of, Cabbie drove Swamp Thing and Hawkman back to the moon. As two forces clashed, Space Cabbie used Jack to disable the Kryptonite field around Superman. Superman made short work of Darkseid then revealed he planted Atom on the Mother Box then boomed him to the acid lake planet Schlough. Desaad and the Parademons were imprisoned aboard Justice 1. Superman offered Cabbie a ride but he insisted Jack could fix the cab. After the League left, Jack tested the Space Cab and the engine exploded and fell out. It summoned Roxy Rocket for a ride. Roxy soon drove through a wormhole. Despite his objections, Cabbie got on. Just as Roxy departed, she mentioned she was also picking up Darkseid.