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Rock of Eternity

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Shazam Slam (Classic Rock)
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Rock of Eternity is a giant rock formation floating in another realm of existence. It is home to the Wizard Shazam and is where is keeps the plagues of Eternity, various monsters, minor Chimera and the vile Brothers Djinn prisoner. From his throne on the Rock, the Wizard was the champion of the Earth in magic and a hero.

Centuries later, Black Adam, a former protege of the Wizard, invaded the Rock and battled the Wizard for the throne. The Wizard summoned his current protege, Billy Batson, to the Rock. Adam anticipated this and readied an Orb. Just as Batson spoke the Wizard's name, Adam threw the Orb at the power of Shazam and trapped it. He tripped Batson, blasted the Wizard, and sat upon the throne, absorbing the powers of Eternity. Adam's first act was to banish the Wizard to Earth. The Wizard struggled to find the portal to the Rock and the longer he was away from the throne, the weaker he became.

After encountering Batman, the Wizard found the portal in a Gotham City subway station but he lost his powers. Batman lassoed the Wizard and fired his grapnel. The momentum took them across the void to the Rock of Eternity. Meanwhile, Adam began freeing the monsters imprisoned by the Wizard and allowing them to take a portal back to Earth. Batman and the Wizard attempted to sneak in and break the Orb but Adam saw Batman's reflection. The Wizard instructed Batson to break the Orb with the strength of mind. Batson succeeded and shattered the Orb. He was transformed into Shazam and fought Adam. In the meantime, the Wizard returned to the throne and regained his powers. He banished Adam to the furthest reaches of the galaxy. Shazam returned to Earth and began recapturing the freed Monsters of Eternity while the Justice League soon encountered the five Brothers Djinn. Calythos and Uthool were captured and returned to the Rock.