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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Barehanded
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Robo-Gas is a chain of automated refueling stations in space. According to Hal Jordan, it's the best in the quadrant and the second cleanest bathroom. Following a battle with Kanjar Ro and his gang, Jordan went to a Robo-Gas to get his bearings. He took off his power ring and washed his face. A Two-Headed Babajorian and Lobo happened to be in the men's room, too. After stepping outside, Jordan tried to fly and fell on the ground. He summoned his power ring but nothing happened. He ran inside and the ring was gone. He suspected Lobo first and watched him launch from a gas tank on his Space Hog. Jordan ran to the Space Cab and ordered Space Cabbie to follow Lobo. He drove off with the hose still in and snapped part of it off. Lobo didn't have the ring and Jordan decided the Babajorian had it. He had Cabbie take the fastest route back, an unstable wormhole. The cab barely survived the ordeal and teleported to the Robo-Gas a wreck. He mistook the Babajorian's lower head for a choking baby and reached down its throat for the ring.

The Two-Headed Babajorian was outraged and used strong profanity in its alien language. Cabbie did a quick search and his navigational system loosely translated. Jordan asked it to apologize on his behalf but Cabbie interjected and told it to say Jordan attacked because he was clearly the deadliest warrior present but proved no match for his deadly power. The Babajorian scoffed but stopped its assault. Cabbie quickly told Jordan to prostrate himself or the Babajorian would continue attacking until the asteroid they were on was dust. Jordan complied. The lower head spoke and its tongue looked like a baby's rattle then he left. Jordan realized the ring probably fell down the drain but his Life Support Belt was about to run out of power. The energy of the ring infected a lifeform in the drain that descended from a hairball. It rapidly expanded in size and lashed out. Rather than prejudge again, Jordan realized it was just scared and reached in to retrieve his ring. Jordan was restored into a Green Lantern and the Hairball returned to normal.

The Hairball hopped off Jordan's hand and went back down the drain. Cabbie took a photo with Jordan for his collection then called the ordeal on the house. He offered a ride but Jordan declined and flew away. The navigational system recognized something familiar about him and admitted it was a disembodied artificial intelligence with no memory of its origin. Cabbie invited it to say with him in the cab but it felt compelled to search for something or someone. The navigational system morphed into a sphere, declared it wouldn't give up hope like the Green Lantern, and took off. Undaunted, Cabbie departed the Robo-Gas, too.