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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Shazam Slam (Power Outage, Night of the Bat, and Abate and Switch), Zombie King, Play Date, and Repulse!
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Metropolis is the home of the super hero Superman and location of the Justice League's Hall of Justice. After Superman and Wonder Woman neutralized Parasite at the Stryker's Island Penitentiary, Calythos of the Brothers Djinn crashed into the van holding him and integrated the villain. Calythos stomped the ground and rocked the island with a quake then leaped towards Metropolis. He landed in Mid-City Park. He drew his schimitar but didn't have enough power yet. Wonder Woman challenged Calythos with Jimmy Olsen recording most of the fight. She didn't realize he was absorbing her power and soon he did the same to Superman. Calythos attacked a Metropolis 6 News helicopter. Superman caught it before it crashed into a crowd at a live concert. Calythos attempted to finish raising his volcano in the park but Superman resported to using heat vision. Calythos absorbed the ability and blasted Superman then knocked Wonder Woman clear across into the Daily Planet's globe after she hurled his schimitar into the ocean.

Jimmy Olsen hurried to the roof of the Planet to show Wonder Woman and Superman he found footage of Calythos integrating Parasite into himself. Calythos retrieved his weapon and generated a new volcano off the coast. Wonder Woman and Superman confronted him with Martian Manhunter. As they anticipated, Calythos absorbed Manhunter's powers unaware of his weakness to fire. Calythos fell to the ground in a panic and released Parasite. The Justice League took both into custody. Soon after, Batman pursued Uthool of the Brothers Djinn through the city in his Batmobile. As they passed near the Daily Planet, Superman sent Batman back up in the form of Green Arrow. The chase took to the roofs where Arrow snagged his legs with a bola trick arrow and he fell into a dumpster. Batman, however, was possessed by Uthool and went to the Hall of Justice where he planned to use the base's power core to shatter the Earth's mantle in order to bring the underworld to the surface. Luckily, Uthool gave himself away with a creepy grin and getting tossed by Booster Gold during a training session.

Superman and Uthool's battle rocked the Hall and led to its total collapse. Wonder Woman followed after them above the city and hurled the power core into Uthool. Batman was freed mostly unharmed and Superman took out Uthool. As the Leaguers gathered themselves, Superman admitted the Hall always was a little too close to Metropolis for him. Metropolis was one of the levels in Toyman's "Blvd Brawlers 2 JLA" video game and where Batman defeated Superman. Superman and Wonder Woman went on a dinner date as their alter-egos, Clark Kent and Diana Prince respectively, in Metropolis. The date was ruined when Lex Luthor, covered in Repulse, wrecked havoc. Hawkman joined the battle but their direct attacks were useless. Superman used his heat vision to cut a hole in the street under Luthor. He fell into the sewers and returned his underground lair. Superman tailed him and grabbed Luthor but was exposed to the Repulse. He was soon enveloped by the Repulse and fled into space. After they stopped a plane from crashing into the city, Wonder Woman and Hawkman paid Luthor a visit at Stryker's Penitentiary and forced him to reveal his plan by using the Lasso of Truth.