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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Shazam Slam (Power Outage, Night of the Bat, and Abate and Switch), Zombie King, Play Date, Repulse!, Plastic Man Saves the World, Inside Job, The Trouble with Truth, Mxy's Mix-Up, Booray for Bizarro, Best Day Ever, The Cube Root, Superman's Pal, Sid Sharp, Superman Red vs. Superman Blue, Forget Me Not, Harley Goes Ape!, Phased and Confused, It'll Take a Miracle!, System Error (Pocket Dimension), Race Against Crime, Party Animal, Captain Bamboozle, Keeping Up With the Kryptonians, Unleashed, and She Wore Red Velvet
Appearances (Webisodes): Chemistry, It's a Trap!, True Colors, Plastic Man of Steel, Something in the Hair, Skyjacked, and Eezy Freezy
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Metropolis is the home of the super hero Superman and location of the Justice League's Hall of Justice. After Superman and Wonder Woman neutralized Parasite at the Stryker's Island Penitentiary, Calythos of the Brothers Djinn crashed into the van holding him and integrated the villain. Calythos stomped the ground and rocked the island with a quake then leaped towards Metropolis. He landed in Mid-City Park. He drew his schimitar but didn't have enough power yet. Wonder Woman challenged Calythos with Jimmy Olsen recording most of the fight. She didn't realize he was absorbing her power and soon he did the same to Superman. Calythos attacked a Metropolis 6 News helicopter. Superman caught it before it crashed into a crowd at a live concert. Calythos attempted to finish raising his volcano in the park but Superman resported to using heat vision. Calythos absorbed the ability and blasted Superman then knocked Wonder Woman clear across into the Daily Planet's globe after she hurled his schimitar into the ocean.

Jimmy Olsen hurried to the roof of the Planet to show Wonder Woman and Superman he found footage of Calythos integrating Parasite into himself. Calythos retrieved his weapon and generated a new volcano off the coast. Wonder Woman and Superman confronted him with Martian Manhunter. As they anticipated, Calythos absorbed Manhunter's powers unaware of his weakness to fire. Calythos fell to the ground in a panic and released Parasite. The Justice League took both into custody. Soon after, Batman pursued Uthool of the Brothers Djinn through the city in his Batmobile. As they passed near the Daily Planet, Superman sent Batman back up in the form of Green Arrow. The chase took to the roofs where Arrow snagged his legs with a bola trick arrow and he fell into a dumpster. Batman, however, was possessed by Uthool and went to the Hall of Justice where he planned to use the base's power core to shatter the Earth's mantle in order to bring the underworld to the surface. Luckily, Uthool gave himself away with a creepy grin and getting tossed by Booster Gold during a training session.

Superman and Uthool's battle rocked the Hall and led to its total collapse. Wonder Woman followed after them above the city and hurled the power core into Uthool. Batman was freed mostly unharmed and Superman took out Uthool. As the Leaguers gathered themselves, Superman admitted the Hall always was a little too close to Metropolis for him. Metropolis was one of the levels in Toyman's "Blvd Brawlers 2 JLA" video game and where Batman defeated Superman. Superman and Wonder Woman went on a dinner date as their alter-egos, Clark Kent and Diana Prince respectively, in Metropolis. The date was ruined when Lex Luthor, covered in Repulse, wrecked havoc. Hawkman joined the battle but their direct attacks were useless. Superman used his heat vision to cut a hole in the street under Luthor. He fell into the sewers and returned his underground lair. Superman tailed him and grabbed Luthor but was exposed to the Repulse. He was soon enveloped by the Repulse and fled into space. After they stopped a plane from crashing into the city, Wonder Woman and Hawkman paid Luthor a visit at Stryker's Penitentiary and forced him to reveal his plan by using the Lasso of Truth.

Brainiac selected Metropolis to the the 10,000th city added to his personal collection of bottled cities. Like past conquests, once Brainiac took Metropolis - he planned to blow up the rest of Earth. Vixen, Batman, Cyborg, Superman, and Plastic Man responded to the threat. Brainiac unleashed his orbs. They quickly analyzed the Leaguer's attacks and unleased suitable counter measures. Brainiac calculated his success rate to be 89.76%. Plastic Man volunteered to take out the spaceship without being noticed but Superman and Batman turned him down. Superman cited they needed someone who took the mission a little more seriously. Plastic Man decided to get on the ship, delay the shrink ray, and defeat Brainic to prove he took superheroing seriously. Locked out of the computer, Plastic Man sacrificed himself and entered the cannon, swelling it up, and causing it and the ship to explode. Plastic Man collected all 9,999 bottled cities into his person and floated back down to Metropolis like a hot air balloon. Plastic Man was ecastic to hear Brainiac upgrade him to an 87% threat level and proposed the League go out for sushi then took a selfie with everyone.

Lex Luthor broke into the branch of S.T.A.R. Labs and stole nanites he modified for his latest plan to kill Superman. As he anticipated, Superman didn't suspect the gas he unleashed on the city and inhaled it in an effort to safely release it into space. Superman was infected with nanobots in the process. The H.I.V.E. Master planned to destroy Metropolis with a Cobalt Fusion Bomb from a hidden base at the docks. With Superman off-world on New Genesis, the Justice League stepped in to stop him. Batman proposed looking for a large radioactive signature but Athena's owl Bubo quickly pinpointed the location at the dock. They flew there in a jet. Wonder Woman saved the dock workers after H.I.V.E.'s defenses downed the League's jet then saved a crane operator while shoving the compromised crane into the ocean. She rallied the workers to help evacuate the area while the League went after the bomb.

Wonder Woman ran into Bizarro by accident while she was on her way to the Watchtower and ended up on a date at a mini golf course. Wonder Woman was sure she could ditch him at Mount Rushmore and advised the League to continue with their meeting at the Watchtower without her. They settled down for a meal at a table loaded with burgers and fries. Wonder Woman watched him scarf it down. She received the priority one emergency alert sent by Amazo on her phone. She departed but Bizarro still wanted to help so he could join the League. Wonder Woman reasoned they needed a hero who could think on their feet. Bizarro got an idea and flew off into space. The Calculator connected Mr. Terrific's hacked T-Spheres to Metropolis' power grid and triggered a city-wide blackout as part of his plan to steal from any bank and government installation of his choosing. Mr. Terrific and Firestorm went to the power grid and were attacked by the spheres. The spheres unexpectedly split Firestorm's molecular matrix and kidnapped Ronnie Raymond. Stein used his S-Cubes to trace the tachyon emissions of the spheres to Calculator's hideout. Firestorm was reunited and Mr. Terrific outsmarted Calculator with a S-Cube.

Felix Faust and his army of Stone Golems raided Metropolis after he stole the memories of the members of the Justice League. They each stole one thing in bulk for Faust, including money, jewelry, stereoes, cars, and even sandwiches. The Metropolis Police Department moved into the Metropolis Jewelry Exchange and ordered Faust to surrender. The Golems attacked and drove the officers away. Firestorm arrived first and asked Faust about his "mumu". Faust was surprised to see Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman exit out of a taxi cab next but still ordered his Golems to attack. The trio still lacked their memories and thus, the ability to fight. Firestorm started flying around transmutating the Golems into cars. He transmutated one more, but into a moped instead. It happened to be the one holding Faust's sandwichs. Faust was infuriated and paralyzed Firestorm with a spell. He realized Firestorm was two beings and recast a modified spell. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman rallied and destroyed several Golems. Faust tried to flee the scene but Superman lifted his segway off the ground. Wonder Woman lassoed the orb filled with memories away. After they saw Firestorm talking to his reflection, they quickly agreed they needed their memories back. Wonder Woman tossed the orb and shattered it.

Gorilla Grodd took control of Titano, a giant chimpanzee, and marched on Metropolis. Superman tried to intervene but was blasted by its Kryptonite vision. Stargirl came to his aid. He came up with an idea and asked Stargirl to keep the civilians out of danger until he returned. She addressed the crowd but realized everyone was already gone. Harley Quinn took advantage of the chaos to rob a jewelry store but Starfirl was hurled inside. Titano grabbed Harley by mistake but the two soon recognized each other. Superman returned in a suit made of lead and continued his battle. He flew out of the city all the way to the Fortress of Solitude then flew back to Metropolis and the speed he built up helped crack Grodd's globe. Titano fell onto a Lexcorp Construction site and threw a bulldozer at Superman. He piled three construction vehicles on top of him but Superman tossed it aside. The suit was damaged and he was again pelted with Titano's Kryptonite vision. Stargirl used her staff and tossed the vehicles at the globe.

The globe finally shattered and Grodd fell out. Titano returned to normal then hurled him across the city where he happened to land inside a Metropolis Police Department paddywagon. The police dispatched three helicopters to take down Titano. Titano ran for it, scooped up Harley, and scaled the Daily Planet. Command gave the pilots the greenlit to take the shot but Superman arrived and got their attention. Stargirl used her staff to bring a giant teddy bear from the roof of a toy store over to the Planet. At Harley's beckoning, Stargirl sang the song she used to sing to Titano at S.T.A.R. Labs. Titano calmed down and hugged the teddy but Stargirl was stuck. Harley tried to escape but she walked into Superman and the diamonds she stole spilled out of her Joker purse. She was arrested and placed in the same wagon as Grodd. Felix Faust attacked Metropolis with an army of manifestions of knights lit on fire. Mr. Mxyzptlk happened to teleport to the city at the same time. He observed Uncle Dudley performing crowd control and was amused.

Shazam arrived to oppose Faust and was joined by Batman, Red Tornado, and Wonder Woman. They preferred for Dudley to stay out of harm's way. Shazam understood and took him back to his RV. Mxyzptlk chose Dudley as his latest victim and gave him super powers. As Captain Bamboozle, he uprooted a tree to shake a pet cat out and wrecked an apartment on fire by flooding it it water from a roof top pool. He attempted to stop a bank robbery but flew into the pillars. He held up the ceiling to prevent a cave-in and was found out by Shazam. He flew away and returned with three girders to prop up the building. Dudley described the "wizard" that gave him powers to the Justice League. Batman deduced it was Mxyzptlk. Shazam briefed Dudley on the imp then a Monster Kitty appeared in the city. Batman was ultimately able to neutralize the threat with a laser pointer. Mxyzptlk was infuriated to find Dudley still doing crowd control. Dudley then tricked him into saying his name backwards and he was banished back to his dimension.

After Mr. Mxyzptlk altered reality, the Kasnian People's Republic invaded Metropolis with Superman in their army. Supergirl was annoyed he ruined her red carpet premiere and set off to teach him to stay out of her spotlight. Superman finished draping Kasnian banners over the Daily Planet. Supergirl nailed him with heat vision then he used super breath and charged. She clotheslined him then twirled him into the pavement with a pole. He grabbed hold and swung her into the pavement then hit her with a flying punch. She rose up through the pavement with him in tow. Booster Gold arrived from the Vanishing Point outside the space-time continuum and was bewildered at the new present. Supergirl tossed Superman into a building. Booster tossed his apple core and hit Mxyzptlk. He was smitten with the imp. Flaming cars landed near them. Supergirl sliced a thrown car in half with heat vision then Superman fired his own. Booster made a force sphere between them and asked why they were fighting each other. Superman threw her into a car.

Booster pointed out she was his cousin. Superman was surprised. Booster continued and explained they were from Krypton by way of Kansas. He realized it was all just a trick caused by Mxyzptlk and saw through his disguise despite Supergirl not. Mxyzptlk admitted Booster outsmarted him, revealed his true form, then dropped the Daily Planet globe on top of Booster. Just before he could reset reality again, Superman tricked him with a fake Kasnian phrase. Mxyzptlk understood the language but didn't understand one word: Kltpzyxm. He realized he was tricked into saying his name backwards and was banished back to the Fifth Dimension. Reality was restored back to normal. Streaky tied up a mugger and his dog when he heard Krypto's distress signal ping from the Watchtower. Streaky carried the mugger onto the back of a garbage truck then flew off.

In the year 2462, Michael Jon Carter fell out a dumpster and officially hit rock bottom. Then he met Margo Montgomery, the heiress to the Montgomery Regular Toilet fortune. It was love a first sight and they were inseparable ever since. Despite being a broke nightwatchman at the Space-Time Museum, Carter's marriage proposal was accepted. During the wedding, he realized he had to do better by her and suddenly ran off. He borrowed a time suit on loan from the future collection and went to the 21st century to make a fortune for them as Booster Gold. At some point, he returned and they wed. However, the marriage drove Montgomery mad. He was the worst husband ever and squandered her family fortune on terrible investments like beach front property on Pluto, nuclear barbecues, and self-zipping pants. Plus, he went bald and snored like a lumberjack. Montgomery became a super villain named Red Velvet and went to the 21st century to get revenge on Booster Gold.

Booster and Batman went to the future on the day of their wedding to change the timeline and make sure Carter and Montgomery wed. Batman realized the truth and objected. Red Velvet arrived and confirmed his theory. Montgomery decided not to marry him and Red Velvet faded from existence.