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Lex's Hideout

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Repulse!, Inside Job, Best Day Ever, and Race Against Crime
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Lex Luthor maintains several secret hideouts in and out of Metropolis. One such base is located somewhere in the sewers of Metropolis, obscured by a waterfall. Luthor baited Superman into a fight to infect him with his Repulse nanites. Superman tailed Luthor to the sewer base and captured him. Some time later, Luthor retired to his hideout after he tricked Superman into inhaling his solar radiation absorbing nanobots. Luthor flew off and returned to his lair to watch Superman's death. He observed the livestream from Superman's bloodstream and gloated as his vitals dropped. He estimated Superman would be dead within the hour. The nanobot feed went offline after Wonder Woman punched out its energy harvesting machine. Luthor was irate Superman was convalescing but soon realized the Atom was assisting in his recovery. Luthor flew to the Watchtower to rectify the matter.

At the tail end of his best day ever plot, Joker's manipulations paid off and he asked Luthor if he knew of a more private place. Luthor input coordinates to one of his secret hideouts into Joker's Mother Box. They boomed to it just as Hawkman swung at them. Joker admired the scope of the hideout. Luthor revealed it was where he went to meditate, focus his intellect, and create his most ingenius inventions. Joker asked if he meant the bomb he was recently arrested for. Luthor revealed Superman only confiscated a prototype and the real one was in the hideout. Joker pulled his Mother Box on him and forced him to bring it out. Luthor realized that was what Joker was after all along. Joker set the bomb's countdown to five minutes. As he planned, all the heroes they encountered that day converged on the hideout. The Joker believed using the bomb to take out as much of the Justice League he could, himself, and Luthor would be the perfect ending to the perfect day.

The Joker restrained Batman first then held his own against the rest of the League with his Mother Box. Luthor tapped a button under his keyboard and began to assemble his war suit from hidden slots in two walls. Superman caught on and intercepted his left arm pieces but was hit with a chest blast. He raised a force bubble and deflected Cyborg's blast into him and Superman. Wonder Woman charged and sliced his chest armor but Joker zapped her. With 48 seconds left, Luthor entered a password on a concealed keypad and brought up a case containing a sizeable chunk of Kryptonite. Superman fell to the ground. Joker was naturally intrigued. Luthor asked him to keep the others busy while he took out the biggest threat. Joker was more than happy to oblige. Luthor turned around and bashed the Kryptonite canister into Joker's forehead. Luthor turned the bomb off just in time then surrendered the Kryptonite and Mother Box to Batman and Superman respectively.

Chronos allied with Luthor and worked on his Time Suit at one of Luthor's hideouts. As soon as it was charged, Luthor doublecrossed Chronos and blasted him. He donned the Time Suit and used 10% of its power to rapidly age Chronos into an elderly man. Batman traced an energy signal sent by Flash and Superman's rigged Hero Tracker devices to Luthor's hideout and discovered what was going on. He departed in the Batjet back to the city with Chronos and provided a solve to Flash and Superman.