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Kandor City

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Battle for the Bottled City
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The city of Kandor was the capital of Krypton and was famous for being home to its massive shopping center, the Mall of Krypton. At some point, the city was miniaturized and stolen by Brainiac then added to his collection of bottled cities. A few decades later, the bottled cities were recovered by Plastic Man after he crippled Brainiac's miniaturization ray, blowing up his ship. Superman managed to make first contact with the Kandorians and vowed to restore the city to normal. The Atom contributed his white dwarf technology to the effort. Along with a sliver of Kryptonite, he believed he could successfully shrink Superman. Since the bottle included an artifical red sun, Superman would be without his powers so he was outfitted with a rocket pack. Atom reminded Superman to bring back all the tissue samples he requested so he could test its molecular stability. Superman flew in and was greeted by Chancellor Al-On. Al-On addressed the Kandorians gathered and proclaimed a son of Krypton returned.

Brainiac infiltrated the Fortress of Solitude and stole Kandor back to Al-On's horror. Superman flew to the top of the bottle and tried to force the cork open in vain. Atom bought time for Cyborg to reboot and confronted Brainiac in the Arctic by operating a Superman Robot. He was able to immobilize Brainiac's tank but had to face his B-3 robot. Brainiac kept Kandor safe with his stasis beam technology. Atom threw B-3 and it landed near Brainiac, knocking Kandor out his grasp. It rolled down into a nearby river. As a result, Kandor experienced a sudden winter. B-3 recovered Kandor but Atom was able to get on top of the bottle and engage the cork release. Superman flew out, powered up on the Sun, then used heat vision to sever B-3's tendril. He flew under Kandor's bottle and safely landed it in the snow then took out B-3 and Brainiac then retrieved the cork. Cyborg arrived and noticed Kandor's predicament. Superman joked about the weather in Kandor then used his heat vision to restore the city's climate back to normal. The Kandorians cheered.