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Iceberg Lounge

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: E. Nigma, Consulting Detective
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Iceberg Lounge is a nightclub in Gotham City owned and operated by the Penguin. A miniature iceberg and pool decorates the center of the lounge and is populated with penguins. The Joker set Penguin's umbrella as the second clue in his revenge plot against Riddler. He hid a club soda under the bed in Solomon Grundy's room at Arkham Asylum. Riddler preferred to covertly steal Penguin's umbrella but they were found out. Penguin opened fire on them but Wonder Woman deflected his bullets. He was startled and fell on his back. The henchmen battled Riddler, Green Arrow, and Wonder Woman. Penguin fired upon the ice suspended from the ceiling and it fell onto the heroes. He aimed at Riddler but discovered he was empty. He tossed it in anger. Riddler picked it up while Wonder Woman leaped and cut off his escape. Arrow was eager to look for the next clue and suggested a penguin statue. Riddler tossed him the pink umbrella in the club soda then opened Penguin's umbrella. The next riddle was pasted inside. Green Arrow recalled a huge pop art exhibit at the Gotham City Institute of the Arts.