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Hudson Nuclear Power Plant

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Nuclear Family Values
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Hudson Nuclear Power Plant was built by Professor Martin Stein. Just when he was bringing the plant online, two thieves invaded the control room looking to steal the plutonium. They took Ronnie Raymond, a high school junior whose class was on a field trip there that day, as a hostage. Raymond fought back. The thieves tossed four grenades into the control room and fled. Raymond and Stein were fused together by the resulting explosion and became the superhero Firestorm.

The Nuclear Family chose the Hudson Nuclear Power Plant as their permanent home. In order to live in peace, they decided to turn it and most of the state it resided in into a radioactive wasteland. They attacked the plant and infiltrated the central nuclear core. They initiated total meltdown. All employees were evacuated. With 10 minutes left, Batman was unable to find anyone in the Justice League close enough to get to the plant in time. Luckily, a superhero named Firestorm was already on his way. He encountered two workers in hazmat suits and turned radioactive steam into pine scented air freshener. They advised Firestorm to run away, too. Firestorm went to the core and met the Nuclear Family, a group of rogue androids who absorbed the blast power of a nuclear bomb. They were making the core their home. Firestorm ignored Stein's warnings and tried to get them to leave. Dad ordered Sis to teach him some manners after he called them robots. Firestorm was blasted across the core into a toxic waste vault.

Unaware of where he was, Firestorm powered up and ignited all the chemicals present. He was knocked out by the blast. Several hours later, Firestorm learned he was connected to the main reactor. Everytime he struggled, the reactor would absorb his power. Stein theorized a super charge to the fuel rod pool would allow them to break free. Firestorm transmutated a nearby giraffe inflatable into a squirrel. Dog took the bait and jumped into the pool. Firestorm broke free and battled the Family. Mom ran off to blast the core overload override lock but Firestorm shifted his strategy to absorb Biff then Brat and Dog's power. He fired into the control room and transmutated a hose into a harness around Mom. Dad decked Firestorm into the pool and forced him to the bottom. Firestorm absorbed the radiation and blew Dad clear out. He formed the pool water into arms and grabbed the Family. He gave them a hug and placed them into a miniature glass globe where they could finally settle down. Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman revealed themselves and congratulated him.