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House of Mystery

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Shazam Slam (Abate and Switch) and Trick or Threat
Powers: Teleportation and Supernatural Entrapment
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The House of Mystery is the home and base of John Constantine. He also uses it to store mystical objects he confiscates on his various cases as well as the occasional monster. After receiving Batman's distress call, Constantine brought Swamp Thing, Green Arrow, and Plastic Man to the House and explained the situation. He generated a portal and brought in Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. In search of a bathroom, Plastic Man ran into some tentacled monsters and ran for it. Batman explained the situation at hand with the Brothers Djinn. Green Arrow came up with a plan for everyone to impersonate each other in order to bypass the spell cast by the Brothers to nullify their powers. Batman was skeptical and left the House to get back up.

In a story told by Cain, a caretaker of the House of Mystery, the House would appear around the world as that old dark ruin at the end of the street that you'd swear wasn't there the last time you looked. It appeared and vanished of its own accord, collecting all that is terrifying and bizarre within its walls. Those who enter its doorway are forever changed by the experience. Dr. Fate sensed the appearance of the House in a small town. Fate, Zatanna, Batman, and Constantine went to make sure no mortals entered the House before it vanished again. Klarion, also aware of the House, ambushed the heroes and turned them into amnesiac 10 year olds. He posed as a child in a black cat costume and plotted to imprison them in the House after he stole the Helmet of Fate. Klarion made up a story about neighborhood bullies storing stolen candy and other loot in the House. As soon as Kid Batman kicked the door down and they all entered, Klarion showed his true colors. They were wrapped in a rug and rolled down the hall.

Klarion sent several Halloween Monsters like Frankenstein, Vampires, a Werewolf, and Goblins after them. The children ran into a room and locked it with deadbolts but the displays were monsters, too, and attacked them. They attempted to run up the stairs but they turned into a slide. They ran down the hall into a room and saw their true selves in the Mirror of Truth. They started to remember they were the Justice League. Klarion and Teekl revealed themselves. The kids fought back and Fate put his Helmet back on. He banished the monsters through portals then commanded the House to obey the will of Fate. The House released them just as midnight struck. Zatanna prevented Klarion and Teekl from escaping by casting a spell that shut the front door. The House vanished and the Justice League became adults again. Constantine found the key to the House among the grass and added it to his key ring. Cain and the House passed through limbo as Klarion looked out the window in horror.