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Hebrides Islands

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Hat Trick
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Hebrides Islands are an island chain off the western coast of mainland Scotland. Felix Faust used the ruins of a castle on a small island as a hideout during his attempt to summon Ghast. Once Faust returned with Zatanna's magic hat, he started casting the hex but a rabbit popped out. He shooed the rabbit away and returned to his spell but more rabbits emerged from the hat. He was unaware one of the rabbits was equipped with a tracker. Zatanna pinpointed the rabbit in the Hebrides Islands. With time of the essence, Etrigan summoned Merlin to instantly teleport them there. They arrived but were too late. A green pulse shot up into a maelstrom above the castle and Ghast manifested. Ghast held up its end of the bargain and restored Faust's youth then flew towards the nearby town. It began feeding and pulled up debris, fish, and a whale from the ocean. Batman and Etrigan chased after Ghast while Zatanna went after Faust and her hat.

Faust taunted Zatanna and animated two statues. She was knocked down to the castle grounds below. Zatanna used her magic tricks against the statues. Batman and Etrigan attempted to blow up Ghast with exploding Batarangs and hellfire but it wasn't hurt at all and continued to the town. Zatanna slashed the second statue into thirds with rings then leaped into the hat. Faust picked up the hat. Zatanna emerged and uppercut him then chained him up. The townspeople evacuated as Ghast drew near. Batman saw a boy trip and fall. He leaped off Ghast, glided to the boy, and handed him off but was hit by debris. Etrigan grabbed Batman at the last second before he was pulled into Ghast's mouth. Zatanna cast Faust's hex backwards and Ghast was pulled back to its own dimension.