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Hall of Justice

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Shazam Slam (Night of the Bat)
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Hall of Justice was the official headquarters of the Justice League and was based in Metropolis. The Hall draws energy from a spherical power core in the lower level where it is set to maintain a core temperature of 200 degrees Celsius. Vehicles such as the Justice-1 and Batmobile park somewhere in a lower level and an elevator platform can be taken to the center of the lobby. The lower level also houses a training area complete with basic weights and exercise stations as well as a collapsible boxing ring in the center of the room. The ceiling, at some point, was adorned with a decal of Booster Gold that simply read, "Gym."

Booster Gold was at least one member of the Justice League who lived at the Hall. He also held a weekly training session with Batman, who he looked up to, but they were rather short and usually ended with Batman taking him out with one punch. On the night Batman was possessed by Uthool, Cyborg performed maintenance in the power core room. He discovered the power couplers were pulsing out of synchronicity so he rerouted the matrix. He declared he fixed it so well it would last for another thousand years. Wonder Woman and Superman greeted Batman in the lobby unaware he was possessed and apprised him of intelligence on the Brothers Djinn from Mount Olympus.

Batman was surprised how much they knew already and excused himself to check on the Hall's power core. He took the elevator and at the last minute as the doors closed, he smiled creepily. Before he could enter the power core room, Batman was pulled into the training area by Booster Gold. He was ready for his weekly training session. Batman disappeared through a trap door, the boxing ring was pulled up, and Batman reappeared, sprang up a trap door into the ring. To Booster's surprise, he managed to flip Batman. However, Batman had no mercy on Booster and took him down hard. Batman proceeded to leave but Wonder Woman was waiting and drew her sword on him.

Batman dodged Wonder Woman's attacks at the expense of some work out equipment and a punching bag. Batman threw sand from the bag into Wonder Woman's eyes then threw out smoke bombs. He stole the Lasso of Truth and wrapped Wonder Woman up in it. Batman went to the power core room where Cyborg was finishing up. Batman disengaged a power coupling and electrocuted Cyborg into submission with it. He went to the control panel and increased the core temperature from 200 to 1600 degrees Celsius, triggering an automated warning about critical mass being reached. Green Arrow arrived and fired arrows at Batman but he was quickly dispatched. Superman punched one of the steel doors into him.

Uthool transformed Batman's body into a giant winged demon version of himself and fought Superman. Green Arrow grabbed Cyborg and took him to the elevator. The rumbling from the battle awoke Booster Gold, still in the training area. Something bothered him about the training session so he accessed his files and played back old sessions from 30, 18, and 8 days ago. Wonder Woman clarified the difference was it took Batman more than one punch. Booster realized she was in the room. The battle made its way into the lobby then the bay holding the Justice-1 which was smashed in half then back into the lobby and up above the Hall. The Hall utterly collapsed. Wonder Woman noticed the power core and got an idea. She lassoed it and hurled it into Uthool, freeing Batman. Superman and Wonder Woman neutralized Uthool. Cyborg was in disbelief the Hall was gone but Superman admitted it was too close to Metropolis to his liking. Wonder Woman mused a new headquarters would be for the best. Booster Gold was the last to emerge from the Hall and had no idea what transpired. He inquired where they would be sleeping. He asked if it would be the Batcave.