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Gotham City

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Shazam Slam (Classic Rock), Galaxy Jest, Time Share, Play Date, Speed Demon, and Hat Trick
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Gotham City is where the super hero Batman calls home. One night, while on watch, Batman heard an old homeless man being chased by three men in suits. The homeless man ran down an alley into a dead-end but Batman dropped down in front of him and learned the three pursuers were Monsters of Eternity and the homeless man was the Wizard. The Wizard cast a spell and teleported the Monsters away then he ran for a subway entrance. Batman cut him off in the station and asked who he was and where the creatures came from. The Wizard was not interested in small talk and mentioned a boy was being held prisoner. He pressed along the walls for a portal to the Rock of Eternity. The Wizard refused to admit he lost the portal nor he needed help. Batman was still skeptical of his story. The Wizard got more annoyed and cast a spell that revealed what happened to him. In the meantime, the Monsters of Eternity caught up to them and the Wizard was gone. As Batman backed up into a wall, he fell through the missing portal.

The Joker threatened Gotham City with a Gutbuster bomb containing 50,000 tons of Super Laughing Gas set to blow at midnight. Batman pursued Joker's wagon in the Batmobile but the case suddenly exceeded city limits when Mongul pulled Joker up to his cruiser in space. With less than an hour left, Batman called in the Flash to cover more ground faster. Flash checked every location a hundred times over but no bomb turned up. At 11:55 pm, Batman realized the Joker told him the bomb was literally in the clock tower. Batman was unable to disable the bomb in time. THe Flash spun his arms and generated tornadoes to blow the gas back towards the tower. On Batman's signal, Superman arrived. He inhaled all of the gas and flew back to Mongul's crusier where he exhaled it onto Mongul and his warriors. Wonder Woman tossed Joker into a Gotham City Police Department wagon as he tried to offer his services for the next Justice League holiday party.

Chronos set up shop in a run down apartment building in Gotham City and gathered information on Batman's first case then stole components to complete his Time Glove. Batman and Blue Beetle chased Chronos from a Wayne Enterprises facility to the apartment. Chronos opened a Time Portal and went back in time to Batman's first case with the intention to kill his younger self. Batman and Beetle followed but were careful to enter the Falcone Family Warehouse without being seen in order to safeguard the timeline. Beetle made Chronos drop his Time Bombs and slow the flow of time drastically. Chronos attempted to kill the younger Batman himself but Batman punched him out then prevented Falcone from fleeing the scene. They returned to the present and turned Chronos over to the Gotham City Police Department. Superman and Wonder Woman were both surprised and impressed that Batman told Beetle he did a good job. As everyone left, it started raining. Beetle hurried to a roof top and copied a pose he saw the younger Batman take in the past. After a thunder strike, he asked Khaji-Da if it got a picture.

Gotham City was the setting of Batman's debut in Toyman's "Blvd Brawlers 2 JLA" video game before he was forced to battle Superman on a Metropolis level. He leaped down from a stone gargoyle and proclaimed, "I am Batman!" several times. Harley Quinn appeared atop Gotham City Hall with magic powers supplied by Brother Night. Zatanna cast a magic shield around Harley to contain her powers. Batman and Zatanna went to Brother Night's nightclub and confronted him on his criminal dealings. Night promised he wouldn't touch a soul but for spurning his offer, Night hexed Batman's Batmobile. Before Zatanna could undo it, she was entangled in the Batmobile's parachute and pulled into the trunk. Batman fled from the Batmobile and crashed through the skylight of the residence of Jason Blood. Etrigan joined the fray. Their battle spilled over to a park. Etrigan summoned Merlin to enchant a police car but it was destroyed by the Batmobile. He settled on an ice cream truck instead. On the rail track to uptown, Batman managed to rip open the trunk and retrieve Zatanna.

Etrigan arrived in his new vehicle and it appeared to be a stand off until Zatanna teleported everyone into Night's club. Night realized what her plan was and teleported himself and his demons away. Zatanna undid the hex after the ice cream truck and Batmobile collided and advised Batman never to leave personal belongings behind or they'll get cursed. Etrigan treated everyone to ice cream. Felix Faust animated and transformed mannequins in the Gotham Fashion area to lure out Zatanna in order to steal her hat which doubled as a mystic portal. Batman, Jason Blood, and Zatanna responded. As the battle went on, Zatanna suggested to Blood it may be time to summon his "friend." Etrigan was summoned. Felix Faust, in ethereal form, possessed a display mannequin and stole Zatanna's hat. After Faust vanished, the transformed mannequins returned to normal and fell apart. Etrigan deduced the attack was a ruse. Zatanna got an alert and checked her Bunny Positional System. Her hat was at the Hebrides Island in Scotland. With little time to waste, Etrigan summoned Merlin to teleport them there.