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Falcone Family Warehouse

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Time Share
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Batman's first case involved Carmine Falcone, a major Gotham City crime boss. He staked out the Falcones 24 hours, 7 days a week. Batman crashed a meeting between Falcone and the heads of his criminal enterprises one night at the Falcone Family Warehouse. It was from the success of this first case did Batman become known to the authorities. Years later, Chronos came to the determination the Falcone Family Warehouse was the best chance to kill Batman. He jumped to the past with a powered up Time Glove and tried to warn Falcone of a "nutjob dressed like a bat." Falcone was understandably skeptical but ambushed Batman and had him surrounded. Chronos observed from the rafters but Batman and Blue Beetle followed after him from the present. Blue Beetle was annoyed with not being recognized by Chronos and made him drop all this Time Bombs down below, temporarily slowing the flow of time around the younger Batman, Falcone, and his men. While Batman went after Chronos, Blue Beetle repositioned all the guns and bullets to aim at the ceiling instead of the younger Batman.

With the Time Bombs wearing off, Batman used a smoke bomb to throw off Chronos' ability to see a second forward in time and knocked him out. He and Beetle ran off with Chronos just in time. The younger Batman destroyed the lights with his Batarang and took out Falcone's men. Batman realized Falcone was missing and found him outside. He left him unconscious for the younger Batman to find, preserving the timeline.