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Dinosaur Island

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Booster's Gold
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Oliver Queen was once stranded on an island located in the notorious Bermuda Triangle. Forced to fend for himself, Queen fashioned himself a bow and arrow from what he could find. Eventually, he returned home and became the superhero Green Arrow. Years later, he felt like he was in a slump and decided to return to the island to get re-focused again. Booster Gold happened to choose the same island for his latest get-rich scheme. He christened it Dinosaur Island, home to his Booster World amusement park, inspired by a movie he saw about scientists using old dinosaur DNA to fill a theme park with living dinosaurs. Booster hastily built poorly made wooden structures and kicked out more troublesome dinosaurs into the wild like four particular velociraptors. Batman contacted Arrow to look for Booster, who neglected monitor duty. Arrow was leery of a typhoon and descended to land but encountered a pterosaur. He followed it into the island but the plane was broken in half by a plesiosaur. Arrow made it shore but the four exiled velociraptors attacked him.

Green Arrow fled into the forest and was chased by the fourth raptor. He fired off a rope arrow into a cliff face and propelled himself across. The last raptor fell into the canyon below. Arrow climbed to the top and witnessed a large congregation of dinosaur species. As he wondered about the catastrophic impact on the modern ecosystem, Green Arrow realized who the culprit was. Booster found Arrow and offered to give him a discounted tour of Booster World. He encapsulated Arrow with his Legion Flight Ring and took him through amusement park. The dinosaurs escaped their crudely built enclosures and rampaged. Booster's ring was broken by an infant raptor and Arrow was out of arrows. They ran for it and jumped into a lake only to be swallowed by the plesiosaur. Luckily, the safeguard in the time-travel circuits of Booster's suit activated with Booster's life in danger. They found themselves thousands of years into the future. Several advanced floating cities say above the island and it was encased in a force field.

A humanoid dinosaur boy was scared off by Arrow and Booster. Soon, a police force converged on them and opened fire. They ran away. Booster tried to activate his time circuits. They reached the field. The police focused their laser sights on ther heroes. They backed in fear and luckily fell into Booster's wormhole just in time. They found themselves in the past at the point where Booster saw the movie that gave him the idea for the park. Arrow suggested they trigger a black out so he never saw enough of the movie. He hesitated and wondered if they had the right to prevent the creation of a flourishing utopian society but Booster continued and blasted the electrical panel. The timeline resolved itself and the present Booster had no memory of what transpired on the island.