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Daily Planet

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Shazam Slam (Power Outage and Night of the Bat), Play Date, Plastic Man Saves the World, The Cube Root, Superman's Pal, Sid Sharp, Forget Me Not, Harley Goes Ape!, It'll Take a Miracle! (Scenario), System Error (Pocket Dimension), and Keeping Up With the Kryptonians
Appearances (Webisodes): Plastic Man of Steel
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Daily Planet is a news agency located in Metropolis. Its headquarters is adorned with a globe of the planet on the roof top. Lois Lane, a reporter, sent Jimmy Olsen to Stryker's Island Penitentiary to record B-roll footage of Parasite for her article or else. Olsen later recorded the battle between Wonder Woman and Calythos in Mid-City Park on the Planet's live feed and garnered over 280,000 views. In the conclusion the battle, Calythos knocked Wonder Woman into the side of the Daily Planet globe. Superman barely had enough power to leap to the roof. Olsen ran up the stairs to the roof and told them Calythos had Parasite. He showed them a part of his recording revealing Calythos integrated Parasite into himself and had his power leeching ability. Batman drove past the Planet in his Batmobile in pursuit of another Brothers Djinn, Uthool. The Daily Planet was featured on the Metropolis map in Toyman's "Blvd Brawlers 2 JLA" video. Brainiac and his space ship appeared near the Daily Planet to add Metropolis to his collection of shrunken cities.

After being scooped on an article about a battle between Batman, Superman, and gangsters armed with alien weaponry, Sid Sharp returned to the Daily Planet. Sharp was upset Clark Kent kept scooping every story involving Superman. Jimmy Olsen informed him it was because Kent and Superman were friends. Sharp got an idea. He made himself a costume based on Superman's and named his alter-ego Doctor Scoop. Sharp pitched his idea of the Daily Planet having access to its own personal superhero to Perry White. White reminded him he wasn't a superhero. Desaad tracked Superman to the Planet and dispatched Parademons. Batman contacted Superman with an update, the weapon was from Apokolips. Kent went to the janitor's closet but Sharp was inside trying to change. A Boom Tube manifested in the hall. A Parademon set off a Kryptonite Bomb. The force knocked Kent and Sharp into a shelf. The Parademons searched the floor. They discounted Kent on account of his glasses. Sharp was still in his costume and was mistaken for Superman. He was taken to Apokolips.

Sharp recounted his rescue to the other reporters. Olsen didn't think Superman told him he was 'Superman' now. Sharp told him he could read all about it in the early edition. Sharp marched to White's office to present his article but Kent already submitted his. White walked off to pause the printing and hold the front page for Kent's story. Kent slipped his article into Sharp's hands. The early edition read "Superman: Sid Sharp Saved My Life!" After Firestorm discovered all the other Leaguers' comm links were offline, Professor Stein suggested they start looking at the Daily Planet. On the way, Stein informed him Clark Kent was Superman. Kent settled in his office and started typing but was startled by Firestorm outside. He phased inside and realized Kent had no memory he was Superman. He demonstrated by saying hello to Lois Lane as she walked past. She didn't acknowledge him at all. Kent mused if he were Superman, she would notice him right away. Firestorm ripped his shirt next but there was no costume underneath.

Firestorm repaired the shirt with his powers then showed Clark what he looks like without glasses on. Kent admitted a passing resemblance but stated Superman was super strong and could fly. Firestorm got another idea and flew Kent outside above the city and dropped him. Kent stood up from the crater unharmed. After Titano was liberated from Gorilla Grodd's control, it fled from Metropolis Police Department helicopters. He grabbed Harley Quinn and climbed to the top of the Daily Planet. Command cleared them to take the shot but Superman intervened and blocked their attack. Stargirl arrived with a giant teddy bear to respresent what Titano had when he was a normal chimpanzee and sang Harley's song to him. Titano calmed down and hugged the bear with Stargirl stuck in his arms. Superman brought Plastic Man with him to the Daily Planet to trick Lois Lane into thinking she was wrong about her theory Clark Kent and Superman were one in the same. Lane approached Kent, who was Plastic Man, in the hall and led him up to the roof.

Lois Lane hopped off the roof to prove her theory but Superman was waiting and flew her back. Lex Luthor took offense to Lane's latest article about Superman mentioning something about him and blasted Superman with red sun radiation. He picked up Superman by the collar, swung him into Kent, and tossed him into the globe. Superman asked Plastic Man to take over for him while he recovered from the blast. Plastic Man assumed Superman's form and shoved Luthor off the roof. Luthor returned, clocked "Superman" then applied an electric disk on him. Lane found the off button on the back of his suit and he fell down. Lane noted they made a great team. During a simulation in a pocket dimension, the Daily Planet masked the central command where Darkseid was monitoring everything. The robot Superman detected unusual signals inside. Cyborg pointed out all the robot villains were guarding the front door. Robot Batman set off the distress signal in his utility belt. The Robot Justice League stormed the building while fending off the villains.

The robot villains could not go inside as it wasn't in their programming. Parademons were waiting for them inside. Superman used his super breath to blow all the cubicles into them. They made a run for the elevators but Robot Booster Gold got an idea and stayed behind. He led the Parademons into the other elevator then cut the cable sending them plummeting down below. They found Darkseid upstairs but were unable to harm him. Robot Cyborg erased Darkseid's test data but caused the pocket dimension to collapse. Darkseid used his Mother Box to boom back to Apokolips. The real Batman opened a Boom Tube and they ran in at the last second.