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Centennial Park

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Race Against Crime and Party Animal
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Centennial Park is a large city park in downtown Metropolis. Bruce Wayne organized a charity event at the park. It was highlighted by a race between Superman and the Flash for the title of "Fastest Man Alive." Celebrities, politicians, and everyone who was anyone attended the event. Lois Lane reported live and interviewed Flash and Superman before the race started. Green Lantern started the race with a giant pistol construct. Lane explained to the audience that Flash and Superman were outfitted with Hero Tracker GPS devices to show their progress in real-time. Halfway through the race, they crossed the Rockies and passed Centennial Park. Lex Luthor, wearing a Time Suit tapped into the Speed Force, caught up to them. Children were ready to meet Santa Claus at the Metropolis Christmas Eve Festival in Centennial Park. A six year old named Keely Miller was interviewed by a reporter about what she hoped Santa would bring her. Suddenly, Solomon Grundy ran through the park with Green Arrow and Plastic Man in hot pursuit.

Plastic Man stretched his arm at Grundy but rammed into a pole and his tongue got stuck to it. Arrow continued firing at him. He swatted one down but it was the exploding variety and he was sent flying into a giant teddy bear. Arrow fired four tranquilizer arrows into his butt and finally took him down. Grundy felt bad about scaring Miller and returned to the park in search of her. Batman, unaware of his agenda, pursued him and battled him on a frozen lake. He fired a grapnel at the last second and Grundy fell into the lake. He erupted from under Batman and sent him flying into a tree. As other Leaguers started to arrive, Grundy made a run for it. Batman tackled Plastic Man down a hill and ordered him to change into a sled. Superman noticed Wonder Woman's teddy bear and remarked it looked like the one he gave to Grundy. Green Arrow realized Grundy was looking for Keely Miller and asked Flash to find her quickly. Batman eventually got Grundy in a headlock but Arrow aimed his tranquilizer arrow at him and told him to stand down. Flash brought Miller forward. Grundy knelt in front of her and gave her his teddy, quoting Superman and saying no one should be without a present on Christmas. Most of the League departed with Grundy to the S.T.A.R. Labs Chrismas Party two blocks away.