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Brother Night's Club

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Speed Demon
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Brother Night operated a nightclub in Gotham City that catered to his demonic clientele. He also provided a service, giving magical powers to those who craved it. Batman and Zatanna went to the club after Harley Quinn attacked city hall with magic. Batman took out the two demon bouncers at the door with ease then electrocuted Night's bodyguard with a bola. Night was impressed with Batman's abilities but his second-in-command, Ember, was incensed by their bold words. Night wasn't interested in a fight and insisted he wasn't a criminal. He even offered to empower Batman and turn him into a true agent of vengeance. Batman turned him down and Zatanna told to stop giving magic to Gotham criminals. Night promised not to touch a soul. As they departed, Night took a bola shard off the bodyguard and hexed it. It flew out of the club and entered the Batmobile. Night, Ember, and his other demons watched the carnage. Once Zatanna was freed from the Batmobile, she transported herself, it, Etrigan and his ice cream truck, and Batman into the nightclub. Night realized what she had done and teleported himself and his crew away. Zatanna undid the hex but the Batmobile collapsed. They all had ice cream.