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Oculus of the Argo

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Luthor in Paradise
Powers/Skills: Power Bestowal
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Oculus of the Argo is an artifact from the early gods. According to legend, when a mortal man puts on the Oculus, he can attain the power of Zeus. Hera tasked Queen Hippolyta with keeping it safe. She hid it in a temple in the Fallen Realm. In present times, Circe teamed with Lex Luthor to steal the Oculus. They would share its power and take over Olympus. They invaded Themyscria and stole a staff capable of tracking the Oculus from Hippolyta despite Wonder Woman's intervention. They entered the Fallen Realm and found the Oculus in a temple. Luthor removed his battle suit and placed it on his chest. Not only was he infused with the power of Zeus but also his visage, complete with his lovely hair. Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman tried in vain to convince Circe that Luthor would betray her. Luthor generated lightning bolts and retaliated. After the heroes were defeated, Circe touched the Oculus and felt its power but grew a beard, too.

As they turned to trees, Wonder Woman managed to snag Luthor in the Lasso of Truth and forced him to admit he was going to double cross Circe. Circe couldn't believe she almost made Luthor her equal. Luthor retorted he was her superior and reminded her he had the Oculus. Circe asked if was so sure and pointed. The Oculus fell off Luthor and he reverted to normal. Circe gave chase.