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Kryptonite Radiation Emitter

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Superman Red vs. Superman Blue
Powers/Skills: Radiation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Kryptonite Radiation Emitter is a gun invented by Lex Luthor to destroy Superman. He stole a pulse regulator prototype from S.T.A.R. Labs and added its Quantum Battery to his Emitter. It served to intensify its power. Superman found Luthor soon enough. Luthor fired the Emitter. At first, nothing happened then the Emitter's piece of Kryptonite shifted between green, red, and blue. Superman split into two versions of himself, one red and one blue. Luthor wondered if he forgot to carry the one in his calculations. Superman's powers were equally split between the two. The blue side held Superman's true nature while the red side was an aberration, an evil version. Wonder Woman was blasted and was split as well. While trying to flee, Luthor was knocked out. Wonder Woman and Superman Red leaped away with the emitter. They brainstormed a plan to trigger an emergency so great, the entire Justice League would respond then they would use the emitter to split them all at once.

Batman tracked them down by tasking the League satellite to find the mutated Kryptonite's unique radiation signature. Wonder Woman Red blasted Batman after Superman Red blew him into a column. Batman Red hated their plan and proposed they connect the emitter to the Watchtower then beam the signal through the League satellite all around the world and split everyone at once, including the entire League. The reds went to the Watchtower and easily captured the blues. Batman Red discovered the emitter was running low on power so they would have only one shot. Batman Blue blurted out and ruined their element of surprise. Green Arrow quickly fired a trick arrow at the emitter. A claw grabbed on and Arrow tried to run off with it. Superman Red grabbed at his leg and tripped him up. He inadvertently fired at Luthor and split him up, too. Batman Red stopped Superman Red from blasting Green Arrow since the emitter was running low on energy. Luthor Red offered to help.

Luthor Red wired the emitter into the Watchtower's power core to solve the battery issue. Blasters emerged from the ceiling and targeted Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman Red instead then re-merged them with their blue counterparts. Luthor Red was an aberration like the others but was a good version instead. He apologized for the subterfuge and explained it was the most expedient solution. Luthor Red fired on himself and re-merged with Luthor Blue.