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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: All Aboard the Space Train and The Fatal Fare
Powers/Skills: Piloting
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Jack is a service droid that works with Space Cabbie. He routinely helps with minor repairs and even drives. Cabbie used Jack to repair the cab so he and Superman could follow Hawkman and Lobo to the abandoned Anthracite Mine. After Cabbie was recruited by Batman and Cyborg for help in liberating the Space Train, Jack went from the back seat to the driver's and took the wheel. Cabbie leaned out and instructed Jack to get the cab closer to the train. Jack, instead, extended one of its arms and shoved him towards the Space Train. It waived to Cabbie and drove the Space Cab away. Cabbie used Jack on the Third Moon of Graxos IV, during the battle between the Justice League and Apokolips in a battleship. After getting Jack out of the trunk, Cabbie ran over to the containment tube holding Superman. Jack sawed the control panel then pried the face off. It removed a Kryptonite chunk inside and stored it in itself.