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Freeze's Airship

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Freezer Burn
Powers/Skills: Flight and Cold Manipulation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Mr. Freeze constructed a massive airship armed with his freeze ray technology. In the middle of July, he began final preparations but Batman detected the subzero readings given off by the ship. Killer Frost took up Freeze's invitation and arrived, freezing Batman. Freeze captured Frost, never intending to team up with her, and bound her to a reactor device powering the freeze ray. By supplying her with a perpetual source of heat to absorb, she was then forced to supply the freeze ray with perpetual cold - in essence using her like a living battery. The airship took to the skies and froze a bridge then several buildings in the city. Firestorm got past the ship's force field and made his way to the engine room. Batman fired two missiles from the Batjet. They clamped onto the force field then unleashed an electromagnetic pulse. The field dropped and Batman burst through the cockpit glass. Using the momentum, he kicked Freeze across the room.

Two automated drones were dispatched to investigate the perimeter breach. They opened fire on Firestorm but he turned one into a bowling ball and the other, a soccer ball. He unleashed a devastating kick on the latter and knocked it through the reactor and ship. After tasering Freeze, Batman took over the helm and tried to stop the airship's descent. Killer Frost fired outside and formed a sheet of ice for the ship to slide down on into the docks. Firestorm then transmutated several shipping containers into a giant baseball catcher's mitt. With the ship secured, Frost froze Freeze then fled the scene. Police converged on the docks soon after.