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Real Identity: Bubo
Appearances: The Trouble with Truth
Powers/Skills: Above Average Intelligence, Technological Aptitude, Flight, and Transformation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Bubo is the pet owl of the Olympian goddess of wisdom, Athena. The owl itself was considered a symbol of wisdom. In present times, Athena is accompanied by a mechanized version of Bubo that can morph into a bow in times of combat and is skilled with modern technology. It descended on the Watchtower with Athena to deliver the news of Wonder Woman being chosen to become the goddess of truth. After Athena honored Wonder Woman's request to defeat H.I.V.E. first, Bubo landed on the computer where Batman was working and started tapping the keyboard. It ignored Batman's request to stop and somehow found H.I.V.E.'s secret base. The League and Artemis entered a warehouse but found no bomb. Athena hinted at a secret passage then Bubo gestured at the switch to open it. Uninterested in staying behind, Athena assembled her battle armor. Bubo transformed into her bow.