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Boom Tube

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Under a Red Sun and The Fatal Fare
Appearances (Webisodes): Up and Atom
Powers/Skills: Interplanetary Teleporation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Boom Tubes are interplanetary gateways that take its user from one planet to another in an instant no matter the distance. After Superman discovered Steppenwolf after a battle with Parademons, Steppenwolf held out his Mother Box and generated a Boom Tube. He tackled Superman through it. Batman and Big Barda took a Boom Tube to Apokolips to find Steppenwolf's compiled star maps. After interrogating Virman Vunderbar, they took a Boom Tube to the planet where Steppenwolf was attempting to kill Superman on. Not even the Watchtower has safeguards against Boom Tubes appearing within its confines. During a conversation Atom was having with Batman and Wonder Woman about accepting or declining an offer of full membership to the Justice League, a Boom Tube appeared above them in the lab and a Super Parademon emerged. Desaad fashioned a Mother Box capable of generating a massive Boom Tube wide enough for a small Apokoliptian fleet to pass through to Earth. Superman hid Atom in the Mother Box and the Boom Tube network went down. Once Hawkman, Swamp Thing, and Space Cabbie liberated Superman, he revealed the ruse then boomed Darkseid to the acid lake planet Schlough.