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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Shazam Slam (Night of the Bat), Galaxy Jest, Time Share, Play Date, and Speed Demon
Powers/Skills: Transportation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Batmobile is the primary vehicle of Batman. He pursued Uthool of the Brothers Djinn in the Batmobile. Green Arrow landed on the hood mid-chase and fired a net trick arrow at the djinn. Afterwards, Green Arrow promised to take care of any scuffs or at least hire someone to do it. The Uthool-possessed Batman heard enough of Arrow's small talk and ejected him from the Batmobile. During the Gutbuster case, Batman initially pursued the Joker in the Batmobile then searched the city before midnight struck and the bomb went off. After a theft at Wayne Enterprises, Batman chased after Chronos in the Batmobile with Blue Beetle.

After Batman turned down Brother Night's offer of magical empowerment, Night took a piece of bola he left behind and hexed it. The hexed object flew into the Batmobile and transformed it into a monster. Before Zatanna could undo the curse, the Batmobile's parachute wrapped her up and pulled her into the trunk. Batman fired a grapple line but the Batmobile shot throwing stars at the line. Batman landed in the Batmobile. Brother Night came up on its screen and informed Batman he and Zatanna were going to have the ride of their lives, their last. Batman used a compact blow torch to trigger the fire alert protocol and was ejected. It fired its hood cannon as it pursued Batman through Gotham. He made his way to Jason Blood's home and asked for Etrigan. As Blood summoned Etrigan, the Batmobile landed on top of him. Etrigan knocked it on its roof. It pursued them outside. Etrigan prepared to melt it with his fire breath but Batman informed him of Zatanna's predicament.

Etrigan grabbed some planks and tricked the Batmobile into driving into a building but it emerged from the alley unscathed. They jumped on the hood. Etrigan ripped part of the hood off and took the wheel. Night bargained with Etrigan but was called a dope. Night was angered and jolted Etrigan. The Batmobile entered a park and narrowly missed an ice cream truck and some citizens. It swerved and got mud all over Etrigan. He concluded he needed his own vehicle and summoned Merlin to enchant a police car. The Batmobile rammed the police car. It landed on its wheels but exploded. Etrigan settled for the ice cream truck. The Batmobile made its way up to a rail station and leaped onto the tracks to Uptown. Batman ripped the truck open and freed Zatanna. Etrigan arrived and manuevered the Batmobile up the wall of the tunnel to avoid an incoming train. It and Etrigan came to a stand off on the streets below. As they charged each other, Zatanna cast a spell that teleported everyone into Brother Night's nightclub.

Brother Night realized what Zatanna had done and teleported himself and his demon underlings away. Etrigan rammed the Batmobile head on. Zatanna undid the curse and removed the bola shard. Batman turned down Etrigan's offer of ice cream and checked under the hood but the Batmobile collapsed. Batman asked for chocolate.