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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Zombie King
Powers/Skills: Unarmed Combat and Manipulation of the Dead
Voiced By: Not Applicable

On the night of the Crimson Moon, Solomon Grundy planned to use the Star of the Dead to turn Earth into a zombie kingdom and rule as its king. Grundy immediately commanded the dead to rise and several zombies rose from the swamp under his control. Several of the zombies made their way to New Orleans and spread the power of the Star as breath, turning people into zombies, too. Grundy arrived at the City of the Dead cemetery and conjured more zombies to let him in. Batman used borrowed tech confiscated from Mr. Freeze and froze several before making his way to the top of a structure until collapsed. Batman used a specialized magnetic device that forced several zombies to dogpile onto one. Zatanna arrived and made several disappear but she was too late. The moonlight touched the Star as it rested in the hands of a statue. An energy wave was released and turned Batman and Zatanna into zombies then moved over New Orleans. Swamp Thing removed the Star and destroyed it. Humans were restored to normal and all zombies dissipated.