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Real Identity: Hiro Okamura
Appearances: Play Date
Powers/Skills: Genius and Engineering
Voiced By: Ken Jeong

Toyman is a young mechanical genius and old enemy of Superman. He is able to engineer innocent looking toys that conceal and use deadly weapons but is infamously arrogant and immature. Like most, he became addicted to "Blvd Brawlers," a popular fighting video game where contestants battle for street dominance, because of the realistic fighting, responsive moves, and combo system. Toyman came up with a plan to use superheroes to fight in his version of the game, "Blvd Brawlers 2 JLA." He staged a break-in at the Watchtower with his legion of toys. Ironically, it was Cyborg's turn to guard the tower but he was distracted with playing "Blvd Brawlers" online. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman fought off the toys on the main deck. They speculated who the perpetrator was. Cyborg interfaced with a damaged chibi doll of Batman but Superman was already sure it was Toyman. Toyman was happy to hear Superman remembered him and appeared to them in a mech suit, flanked by a tall avian robot. He fired his Star Sparkle Super Putty. Superman punched it but was wrapped in Kryptonite. Toyman finished off the others with sleeping gas.

Toyman converted the Watchtower training room into an arcade battleground and placed devices on the heroes that gave him complete control of their movements. Toyman declared himself the Blvd Brawler master and forced them to dance in unison. Toyman continued with his plans and declared they would fight to the finish for his amusement. Cyborg had his own plan. While the doll he interfaced with earlier made its way to the training room, Cyborg goaded Toyman into a competition by mocking his master status as trash talk. Toyman fell for it. He selected Superman to play then chose Batman for Cyborg. Cyborg managed to win by using Batman's Super Move, the Kryptonite Ring Punch. Toyman was further irritated when his toys cheered for Cyborg. He selected Wonder Woman as his new challenger. Toyman paused the game mid-fight to admit he thought it was the most epic match of Blvd Brawlers he ever played and even admitted Cyborg was a magnificent challenger.

Toyman unpaused and unleashed Wonder Woman's Super Move, the Amazon Rolling Thunder, and won. Cyborg wanted another player but Toyman declared the game was over. Cyborg protested the rule change and chided Toyman for acting like a big baby. Toyman took control of Cyborg and walked him over to Wonder Woman, who was about to punch him out, but the chibi doll successfully patched into Toyman's console and overrode the controls. Toyman returned to his mech suit and attempted to flee from Cyborg, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman lassoed the left leg off and Superman blasted the right leg with heat vision. Toyman tumbled out and the avian robot picked him up by the shorts. Cyborg told him it was good game.