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Mr. Freeze

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Real Identity: Dr. Victor Fries
Appearances: Freezer Burn
Powers/Skills: Knowledge of Cryogenics, Genius, and Engineering
Voiced By: Peter Stormare

Mr. Freeze is scientist turned criminal who is forced to wear a special cryo suit after a lab accident changed his physiology, restricting his continued survival to conditions below zero temperature. Freeze's main weapon of choice is a blaster gun that emits a freeze ray. In the middle of July, Freeze finalized his latest plans to freeze Gotham City and rule over it as his own personal kingdom. He invited a new villain named Killer Frost to join him. He was secretly interested in her dual ability to emit cold and absorb heat as means to power the freeze ray on his airship. Batman detected subzero readings from a nondescript warehouse and investigated. Freeze was annoyed with his appearance but Killer Frost blasted him from behind and encased him in a block of ice. Freeze kicked him into the sewers underground through an opening in the floor. He thanked Frost for accepting his invitation then summoned two automated orb drones. While Frost was distracted, Freeze tasered from behind and bound her to a reactor device that powered her with perpetual heat and forced her to provide perpetual cold.

Freeze departed his warehouse hideout in a giant airship and began by freezing Gotham's bridge. Batman broke out his ice prison and took to the Batjet. He encountered Firestorm, who tracked Frost to Gotham, and formulated a plan. Batman provided air cover while Firestorm used his abilities to infiltrate the airship and disable the freeze ray. He took out the ship's force field with an electromagnetic pulse then ejected from the Batjet. He propelled through the airship's cockpit glass and kicked Freeze across the room. While Firestorm freed Frost, Batman and Freeze battled. As the airship dropped out of the sky, Freeze fell onto a girder. Batman threw a bola on him then administered a taser. Batman tried to steer the ship in vain. Frost created a strip of ice for the ship to use as a slide and land but it threatened to crash into the docks. Firestorm transmutated shipping containers into a giant baseball catcher's mitt. Freeze recovered and was about to pounce on them but Frost froze him solid in a slab of ice. Firestorm helped thaw out frozen parts of Gotham while the police took Freeze and his ship into custody.