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The Joker

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: Galaxy Jest and Best Day Ever
Powers/Skills: Planning and Engineering
Voiced By: Mark Hamill

The Joker is the Clown Prince of Crime, one of Batman's greatest enemies, and Gotham City's most notorious criminal. He often employs deadly weapons housed in innocent looking objects. The Joker plotted to make all of Gotham City break out into laughter with his Gutbuster bomb, an oversized clown doll that housed 50,000 tons of his Super Laughing Gas. He hid the Gutbuster in a clock tower, linked the timer to the tower's clock gears, and set it to blow at midnight. The Joker rode around his wagon taunting Batman that the clock was ticking. After crashing into some railing and nearly driving into the harbor, Joker squeezed out the window and declared finding parking was always a pain. Just as the Batmobile arrived, Joker was caught in a tractor beam and taken aboard Mongul's space crusier in space. Batman hailed the Justice League for assistance. While Superman and Wonder Woman went after the Joker, Batman and the Flash continued to search the city with less than an hour left. Joker discovered he was chosen to entertain an audience of warriors or he would die.

The Joker dispensed with his material but he didn't get any laughs. Mongul jumped down into the arena. Joker revealed he had a zinger and held out his hand to shake. Mongul was zapped with a joy buzzer. The warriors gasped then broke out into laughter. Mongul, however, was enraged and decided to throw Joker out of an airlock into space. Luckily, Superman was waiting. He blasted Mongul with heat vision and "secured" the Joker. Mongul returned and attacked Superman. Joker cheered on Superman but was disgusted with himself. Eventually, he slipped away and found the docking bay. He boarded Wonder Woman's spacecraft. As he tried to figure out the controls, Joker's face was lassoed by Wonder Woman. The Flash and Superman came to Batman's aid when the Gutbuster detonated. Superman inhaled the Super Laughing Gas and exhaled it into Mongul's cruiser. Wonder Woman threw the Joker into one of the Gotham City Police Department's wagons as he offered himself to entertain at the Justice League's next holiday party.

The Joker heard Lex Luthor was arrested because of a bomb and was returned to Stryker's Island Penitentiary. After being gifted a Mother Box from Desaad, Joker formed a plan to manipulate Luthor into revealing the location of the bomb. He would take Luthor out on the perfect day of festivities, lure as many heroes into coming after them as possible then trick Luthor into taking him to the bomb then detonate it, taking as many heroes with them. He boomed into Stryker's and immediately took a selfie with the Flash, who was doing prisoner checks, and took a jab at his speed then boomed elsewhere in the penitentiary. He sneaked up on a guard named Karen then blew a party favor. The favor emitted a gas that knocked her out. Luthor found his presence random. Joker encouraged him to kiss and pressed his lips to the glass. Luthor declined. Joker laughed and remarked he was still the same then signaled him to follow. Luthor pointed out he was in his cell.

Joker used his Mother Box to boom into the cell. Luthor was naturally intrigued. The Flash found Joker, prompting him to boom himself and Luthor out of the penitentiary. They found themselves in knee-deep water just off of Themyscira. Luthor remarked the Mother Box was a little off. Joker mused it did its job at least then activated his rubber ducky inflatable. Luthor was suspicious since they were only tenuous allies before, at best. Joker insisted it was because he sometimes worried Luthor wasn't happy. Luthor stormed off but was met by Wonder Woman's sword. He realized where they were. Joker mocked the island's no men policy and continued wading. Wonder Woman announced they were both under arrest. Joker threw a hand of exploding cards at her shield and activated Mother Box. They boomed onto a log flume at an amusement park. Next, they went to the North Pole and spray painted on the front doors of the Fortress of Solitude. 'Superman' was sprayed on then the 'man' was crossed out and replaced with 'nerd'.

Krypto the Superdog exited the Fortress and chased them away. He managed to bite off a piece from the rear of Joker's pants. They boomed into the Watchtower but Batman left Ace the Bathound behind as a precaution. Ace bit off the other side of Joker's pants. Joker and Luthor went to a casino next, where Joker held up a dealer with a Joker Fish. He pushed over all the chips but Zatanna teleported in and cast from her wand. Joker and Luthor boomed away in time. They drove a professional race car around a track during a race in progress. Cyborg flew after them from the rear but Joker threw out sticks of dynamite. Joker and Luthor went to an art museum next. Joker painted the character in "The Scream" into a clown but Green Arrow shot an arrow into his brush. They boomed away to avoid a net arrow. Joker went to a Big Belly Burger drive-thru and ordered two Belly Busters, heavy all, three Belly Tacos with lot's of jalapenos, and Double Belly Cheese Fries. Luthor only wanted hot tea. Joker inquired about which Wacky Meal toys were available. The worker revealed it was the space rocket or sunshine unicorn. Joker couldn't decide and asked for both.

Joker finished off his last burger in Cairo as he fired the Mother Box into the sky at Hawkman. Luthor couldn't meditate with all the noise. Joker opened the floor to suggestions for a more private place. Luthor obliged him and entered coordinates to one of his secret hideouts. Joker tricked him into admitting his Bomb of Ultimate Destruction was being kept there and pulled his Mother Box on him. Joker insisted he wasn't completely lying to Luthor the whole time and proclaimed it really was the best day ever. Joker set the countdown to five minutes and stated Mother Box calculated a 0.2% chance of survival. Luthor deduced he meant for the Justice Leaguers to follow them to the hideout and take as many out as he could. As he anticipated, the League arrived. Joker confined Batman's leg in confetti paper then alternated between booming and zapping the other Leaguers with Mother Box from Superman and Cyborg to Zatanna and Green Arrow.

Lex Luthor tried to assemble his war suit but Superman interfered. Luthor got off a chest laser on him but Wonder Woman struck him. Joker blasted Wonder Woman from behind then drop kicked Batman as he still tried to free himself. Luthor brought out a canister of Kryptonite, dropping Superman. Luthor asked Joker to keep the others busy while he took out the biggest threat. Joker declared it was now a party. Luthor bashed Joker in the head with the canister then turned off the bomb with a second to spare. Luthor put the Kryptonite away and surrendered it to Batman then handed Joker's Mother Box to Superman. The Joker was imprisoned at Stryker's Island Penitentiary and assigned to be Luthor's roommate. Karen wheeled him into the cell.