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Harley Quinn

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Real Identity: Harleen Quinzel
Appearances: Speed Demon and Garden of Evil
Powers/Skills: Above Average Agility
Voiced By: Tara Strong

Harley Quinn was supplied with magic powers by Brother Night. She appeared on the roof of Gotham City Hall and prepared to unleash her might. Zatanna cast a spell that contained her within a spherical magic shield. Harley tried to break out but the feedback fried her and she bounced to the ground. She landed near Batman and Zatanna. Harley next aided Poison Ivy in spreading her plant bombs all over the city. Soon, Gotham was overrun by giant plant monsters. Harley returned to Ivy's hide out at the Kanaghier Building for more bombs. She instructed Harley to give several to Swamp Thing, so she could regain control of him, and also to inform him to return and help plan their wedding. Vixen observed Harley leaving the hide out with spring loaded boots. Vixen summoned the armadillo and nailed Harley in the head. She ditched the springs, rolled down a vine, and tossed a plant bomb at her. Vixen was wrapped up in vines. She spotted Firestorm blasting Swamp Thing with nuclear fire.

Harley got the drop on Firestorm and punched him out with a boxing glove apparatus then tossed several plant bombs on Swamp Thing. Swamp Thing was rehydrated, grew larger than normal, and even grew some extra plant matter. Ivy soon retook control of him and he shoved Firestorm down. Harley congratulated him on the hit and advised him to get back to Ivy to help plan their wedding. After he departed, Harley watched as Vixen broke free with the power of the puffer fish. Harley swung away on a vine and led Vixen to the Gotham Zoo. She revealed her agenda was to free her pets Bud and Lou, a pair of laughing hyenas, while the police were distracted. Harley released them from their cage. They charged but Vixen scared them back into their cage by summoning the lion. Harley ran into the cage, too, closed it and cowered. The Gotham City Police Department later took her into custody. She blew a raspberry at Vixen as she was placed into a paddy wagon.