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Harley Quinn

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Real Identity: Harleen Quinzel
Appearances: Speed Demon, Garden of Evil, Harley Goes Ape!, and System Error (Robot)
Appearances (Webisodes): Skyjacked
Powers/Skills: Above Average Agility
Voiced By: Tara Strong

Harleen Quinzel studied behavioral zoology at S.T.A.R. Labs in Metropolis. She worked with various animals, including hyenas and a parrot but she bonded with a chimpanzee named Titano. Titano was being groomed for space flights but it wasn't easy. Quinzel calmed him down with a special song and his teddy bear. Titano was soon launched into space but his rocket shuttle crashed into a Kryptonite meteor. Quinzel was incredibly saddened. She moved onto the field of psychiatry and later became the clown criminal Harley Quinn. Harley Quinn was supplied with magic powers by Brother Night. She appeared on the roof of Gotham City Hall and prepared to unleash her might. Zatanna cast a spell that contained her within a spherical magic shield. Harley tried to break out but the feedback fried her and she bounced to the ground. She landed near Batman and Zatanna.

Harley next aided Poison Ivy in spreading her plant bombs all over the city. Soon, Gotham was overrun by giant plant monsters. Harley returned to Ivy's hide out at the Kanaghier Building for more bombs. She instructed Harley to give several to Swamp Thing, so she could regain control of him, and also to inform him to return and help plan their wedding. Vixen observed Harley leaving the hide out with spring loaded boots. Vixen summoned the armadillo and nailed Harley in the head. She ditched the springs, rolled down a vine, and tossed a plant bomb at her. Vixen was wrapped up in vines. She spotted Firestorm blasting Swamp Thing with nuclear fire. Harley got the drop on Firestorm and punched him out with a boxing glove apparatus then tossed several plant bombs on Swamp Thing. Swamp Thing was rehydrated, grew larger than normal, and even grew some extra plant matter. Ivy soon retook control of him and he shoved Firestorm down. Harley congratulated him on the hit and advised him to get back to Ivy to help plan their wedding.

After he departed, Harley watched as Vixen broke free with the power of the puffer fish. Harley swung away on a vine and led Vixen to the Gotham Zoo. She revealed her agenda was to free her pets Bud and Lou, a pair of laughing hyenas, while the police were distracted. Harley released them from their cage. They charged but Vixen scared them back into their cage by summoning the lion. Harley ran into the cage, too, closed it and cowered. The Gotham City Police Department later took her into custody. She blew a raspberry at Vixen as she was placed into a paddy wagon. Harley resurfaced in Metropolis during an attack conducted by Gorilla Grodd. She walked into a jewelry store, shattered a display with her bat then stole several diamonds. Stargirl happened to be hurtled into the very store. Stargirl declared she was under arrest. Harley found her adorable and reminded her of the bigger crisis going on and tried to leave. Stargirl immobilized her with the Cosmic Staff but Titano reached in and grabbed Harley by mistake.

Harley greeted Grodd but he had no idea who she was. Harley introduced herself as Batman's arch-enemy and America's little sweetheart. Grodd stated he wasn't forming any criminal alliances. Harley recognized Titano and sang their special song. Titano remembered and hooted and danced in place. Harley was overjoyed and hugged his face then called him her "little banana pudding." Grodd told her to cease the idiotic simian-offensive song then ordered Titano to dispose of her. Harley was thrown towards a building. Superman swooped in and caught her. He tried to explain his lead suit would protect him from Kryptonite but Harley quickly lost interest. He tasked Stargirl with keeping an eye on her then battled Titano once more. Harley told Stargirl about her past with Titano. Stargirl offered her a handkerchief. Harley blew into it three times. After Grodd was defeated, Titano fled police helicopters. As he jumped roof to roof, Titano grabbed Harley and climbed to the top of the Daily Planet. She recalled seeing something similiar in a movie that didn't end well.

Superman got the pilots' attention and they ceased fire while Stargirl levitated a giant teddy bear to Titano. Harley tried to direct him to it but he was still scared. Harley implored Stargirl to sing the song. It worked and Titano put Harley down then hugged the bear. Harley tried to escape but walked right into Superman and fell. The stolen diamonds fell out of her Joker purse. She suggested they call it even. Harley was thrown into the same paddy wagon as Grodd. Grodd apologized to Harley for trying to destroy her and cited it was done in the heat of battle. Harley accepted the apology and produced a lock pick then got her handcuffs off. Grodd admitted his biggest failing was his difficulty in stopping his emotions from overriding his intellect. Harley got out a notepad and pen and asked if he wanted to talk about it. Grodd supposed it all started in Gorilla City years ago. He stopped and asked her if she wasn't going to sing. Harley promised she wouldn't.

Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn sneaked into the Watchtower and drove off in Justice-1. They thought they made a clean getaway but Batman pursued them in his Batjet. Harley fired the jet's missiles at him. He fired a grapnel into the rear of the jet. Ivy disengaged Justice-2 but he fired a grapnel into the underside. Harley tried dumping more vehicles on him to no avail. Ivy prepared to blast him as he circled to the front of Justice-1 but the ship was empty. Batman ripped a hole in the roof and dropped down. Harley used her bat on him. Ivy donned a vine whip but she accidentally hit a panel and took out the guidance system. Justice-1 went into a freefall. Ivy implored Batman to pull off one of his last minute saves. To their surprise, he sat down and buckled in. Superman, Shazam, and Martian Manhunter caught Justice-1 at the last second, sending the pair into the windshield.