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Gorilla Grodd

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Real Identity: Grodd
Appearances: Mxy's Mix-Up
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: David Sobolov

Gorilla Grodd is a super intelligent, megalomanical gorilla who has clashed with the Justice League. Grodd led 30-40 gorilla soldiers armed with ray guns on an assault of the United Nations Building. He intended to kidnap the delegates and end the human domination of Earth. He and his army touched down in several flying transports. Grodd declared no mercy for the human slime and they were going to take over the world. He urged them to fight for Gorilla City and simian kind everywhere. With United Nations delegates in danger of abduction, Grodd pressed his soldiers on by ranting on how humans were puny and inferior in both mind and body. Superman whisked several off the face of the building then threw them on top of Grodd. Grodd was annoyed to hear Batman refer to his plans as "routine" and charged. Batman threw several smoke balls into Grodd's open mouth then prompted Superman to execute "Caged Heat." Superman grabbed the flagpoles adorning the United Nations lawn. Batman grabbed Grodd and tossed him on top of the pile of his soldiers. Superman threw the poles down then super heated them with his heat vision.

Grodd was given a rare opportunity when Mr. Mxyzptlk suddenly appeared in protest of the situation being over with. Mxyzptlk was irritated with Stargirl not knowing who he was and Batman's assessment of him so he turned the flagpoles into giant bananas. Grodd and his soldiers dispersed. To make matters worse, he switched the minds of Batman, Superman, and Stargirl into each other's bodies. Batman directed them to continue with trying to stop Grodd. While Batman excelled in Stargirl's body, Superman struggled in Batman's and Stargirl in Superman's. Superman attempted to gut punch Grodd with Batman's fist and only hurt himself. Grodd swatted him aside. Grodd decided to take advantage of the opportunity and crush the Justice League. Stargirl grabbed a gorilla and threw him into Grodd. Superman attempted to use a Batarang but Grodd ducked and it hit Superman in the face while he rummaged through the utility belt pouches. Superman wanted to shift the fight to Mxyztplk and Stargirl suggested back up, specifically Firestorm.

Batman misinterpreted her intent but summoned the Brave Squad nonetheless. Grodd kicked Batman and his soldiers surrounded the trio. Just as he gave the command to finish them off, Bravo Squad arrived and Firestorm addressed Grodd with what he referred to as a "pretty gangster hero arrival line." Mxyzptlk refused to let them ruin the fun and conjured The Big Wheel of Body Switching. Grodd remarked it was pretty as it spun everyone's minds around. Flash found himself in Zatanna's body and tried to run around Grodd, only to get swatted aside. Grodd gathered his soldiers to destroy the League but he was too late. Professor Stein tricked Mxyzptlk into saying his named backwards and vanquished him. The Justice League returned to their rightful bodies. Grodd and his army were arrested and placed into five paddy wagons total.