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Real Identity: Uxas
Appearances: The Fatal Fare and Superman's Pal, Sid Sharp
Powers/Skills: Omega Effect and Enhanced Strength
Voiced By: Jonathan Adams

Darkseid is the despotic ruler of Apokolips. After several attempts in the past, Darkseid proclaimed the glorious invasion of Earth was imminent due to the creation of the greatest Boom Tube in the history of warfare. He ordered Desaad and Kanto to inform him when the conquest was over. Superman attacked the fleet as it entered the Boom Tube and disrupted the Mother Box generating it. The ships were taken to the Third Moon of Graxos IV. Darkseid set out to personally oversee the ships on the moon but the Boom Tube network was still down. In order to stay off the radar, Darkseid had to forgo conventional transportation and contacted Nine Planet Taxi Company. Space Cabbie was dispatched to pick up Darkseid. Things started off with Cabbie mispronouncing his name as "Darkseed" then questioned why he'd want to go someplace out of the way like the Third Moon. Darkseid leaned over and stated he disliked it when his requests were challenged and told Cabbie to drive. Cabbie complied and flew him to the moon.

Cabbie stated Nine Planet accepted cash, check, or universal debit. Darkseid flipped him a Platinum Omega. Cabbie was amazed but replied he didn't have enough change. Darkseid told him to keep the change and not to wait around for him. Darkseid walked to the crash site and was briefed by Desaad and Kanto. Cabbie forgot about handing Darkseid his receipt and searched for him in the ship. He hid and eavesdropped but he stepped on a tool. Darkseid assigned Kanto to kill Cabbie and stopped the cab from leaving by grabbing the hood. Normally, he didn't like being defied but overlooked it for giving Kanto a ride. Cabbie avoided certain death and returned with Hawkman and Swamp Thing. Darkseid was irritated and fired his Omega Effect at Cabbie but Hawkman blocked it with his Nth Metal mace. Swamp Thing threw several spores at Darkseid's feet and he was entangled in vines. Cabbie and Jack freed Superman. Superman, not up to full strength, shrugged off an Omega Effect and mocked him then tackled Darkseid into a wall and tossed him.

Darkseid tried to stand but Superman landed on his back then revealed he planted the Atom on the Mother Box. Superman produced a portable Mother Box and kicked Darkseid into a Boom Tube. He was boomed to the acid lake planet Schlough. Darkseid hired Roxy Rocket for a ride. In a bid to destroy Superman, Darkseid had humans armed with weapons from Apokolips but they used them to rob the Metropolis Mercantile Bank instead. Superman and Batman foiled the robbery. Darkseid gathered several of his elites and asked which them would succeed where the humans failed. Desaad revealed he already located Superman in the Daily Planet on Earth then asked for permission to dispatch a team of Parademons to retrieve him. Darkseid gave his permission but warned Desaad not to fail or he would deal with him instead. Darkseid sat on his throne. The Parademons brought back Sid Sharp, a reporter dressed up like Superman, who claimed to be a friend of the superhero. He asked Darkseid if he had phlegm in his throat or something because it was hard to understand him.

The elites were all shocked. Desaad admonished him for such mockery. Sharp insisted if they, 'team ugly', could understand him, they would better follow orders. Darkseid came up with a plan to use Sharp as bait and lure Superman into an ambush. Granny Goodness, Kalibak, Kanto, and Desaad successfully ambushed Superman from their hiding places in the throne room and weakened him with several Kryptonite blasts. Kanto went to inform Darkseid but Sharp pointed out he would get all the credit. The elites started to quarrel and suspect each other. Eventually, Darkseid boomed into the throne room and demanded Superman. He expressed disappointment in Superman for being so easily defeated. Sharp added he was, too, and implored him to make it up to him somehow. All of Sharp's talk was to buy time for Superman to recover. Superman punched Darkseid clear across the room then dispatched Kanto and Granny. Darkseid became enraged and unleashed his Omega Effect on Superman. Superman flew around the room then through the stairwell to the throne, grabbed Sid's cage, and flew out.

Superman dove back down into the throne room, stole Desaad's remote, and boomed himself and Sharp back to Earth. The Omega Effect wrecked the throne room and it sank into the firepit. Darkseid boomed behind Desaad with the other elites. He declared Desaad failed him for the last time. Kalibak tapped his shoulder mid-sentence and asked if this meant he wasn't getting a hug. Darkseid grunted.