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The Brain

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: The Brain Buster
Appearances (Teen Titans Go!): Space House - Part 4
Powers/Skills: Genius
Voiced By: Jim Ward

The Brain is a criminal scientist who used his genius to transcend death by transplanting his brain into a mobile receptacle. The Brain made Mr. Terrific's list of the world's smartest people but the accolade made him a target of Mr. Mind, who wanted to new body to match is greatness. A robot dispatched to Earth by Mind grabbed the Brain and teleported him to an alien planet turned into an obstacle course. The Brain and Calculator were at odds with each other. The Brain found Calculator's broken clock insult amusing then called him a meatsack. Calculator retorted at least he could blow his tongue out. The Brain was infuriated. Lex Luthor broke them up and declared this gathering couldn't get any worse after Mr. Terrific arrived. Then Batman appeared. The Brain suspected their kidnappings had to do with I.Q. but changed his mind after the two heroes arrived. Mr. Mind, disguised as a giant construct of flaming reading glasses, appeared in the sky and explained they were selected to compete in his Brain Games to determine who was the smartest of all.

Mr. Mind teleported them to a race track but Brain noticed the dashboard lacked a paddle. Mind instructed them to rearrange the sphere into a pleasing shape. Batman found himself wedged between Calculator and Brain until he braked. The two villains traded insults until Brain reached a tendril over and spun Calculator's sphere. He went racing off the track but ended up back on. Near the finish line, Calculator fired his wrist blaster and severed one of Brain's tendrils. Brain raced off the edge. He was deemed the loser of the first challenge and teleported into a containment cube suspended in the sky. Brain claimed he was robbed. The Brain accepted an invitation for a free vacation to a Space House in a parallel universe. He was unknowingly collected by the Brainiac of that universe until the Skull Ship was destroyed.