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Real Identity: Zeus
Appearances (Comics): Wonder Woman Day (Summertime Madness)
Appearances (Graphic Novels): Summer Olympus
Powers/Skills: Electrokinesis, Immortality, and Knowledge of Parlor Tricks
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Zeus is the king of the Greek gods and father of many, including Ares, Wonder Woman, Aphrodite, Hermes, Apollo, Demeter, Eros, Tyche, Athena, Siracca, Strife, and Janus. He tends to tell the same jokes and do the same parlor tricks over and over to his children. He's often too busy to pay much attention to Wonder Woman in particular and even forgot her birthday three years in a row. On a year he remembered, Zeus gave her a pretty box but told her not to open it. She visited Olympus a few times for a holiday or weekend every once in a while. Waiting until the last minute as usual, Zeus extended invitations to his children to spend the summer with him on Olympus. Curious about her goddess side, Wonder Woman accepted and brought Bumblebee as her guest. Zeus greeted with a hug then introduced himself to Bumblebee and apologized for the lightning bolt fingertips. To Wonder Woman's disdain, Zeus did the old coin behind the ear trick. Bumblebee was amused and asked if there was anything behind her ear. To her surprise, he found a butterfly on her nose.

With nine of his children present, Zeus started dinner. He told one of his patent dad jokes at Hermes' expense. Ares suddenly teleported to Olympus and was attacked by Wonder Woman and Bumblebee. Zeus got between them and explained they were brother and sister. After things calmed down, Zeus told a story about throwing a lightning bolt at someone who spoke rudely to him. Zeus claimed he gave Odysseus the idea for the Trojan Horse but Aphrodite disagreed. Zeus pointed out if it happened in his kingdom, it was his idea. Zeus showed a family album to Wonder Woman, Bumblebee, and Siracca. Bumblebee was surprised Wonder Woman had braces. Ares whined about playing chess. Zeus told him they would soon. Wonder Woman asked about a girl in a photo. Zeus identified her as one of his other daughters, Strife. She inquired further but Zeus admitted they had a falling out years ago and hadn't seen her since. Halfway through summer, Ares suggested a friendly hunt to Zeus for Family Game Day. Zeus liked the idea and gathered his children.

Zeus released his favorite pet, a Chimera, and promised a gift to whoever captured it. Wonder Woman returned with the Chimera, who accidentally poisoned itself with a bite. Zeus found it to be a bad omen and had it sent it to his friend Panacea to be healed. He shared the lesson of the hunt was even though people were different, they thrive together but if a battle breaks out among the heads, they all lose. He declared Wonder Woman, Bumblebee, and Siracca the winners. He gave enchanted windchimes to Siracca to warn of danger, cancelling headphones to Bumblebee to cancel out any noise, spell, bewitchment and Siren, and an offer to Wonder Woman to become full goddess. Zeus summoned his son Janus, god of choices, to help her decide. They both abruptly returned to Olympus amid Strife's arrival. Zeus demanded answers. Ares revealed he was going back on his word never to attack Wonder Woman's residences and planned to spread war to Metropolis. Wonder Woman refused to stand down.

Ares fired a bolt at her but Zeus jumped in front and took the blast. Zeus begged her to come closer so he could tell her something. He was just kidding and did his coin trick. He reminded her he was immortal but had to stay on Olympus. He stated she and her friends had to defend Metropolis from Ares and Strife. At the end of summer, Wonder Woman reached her decision and declined Zeus' offer. Zeus declared he liked her just the way she was, too, and gave her a hug goodbye. Ares invited Zeus to a feast but he did not attend. Ares was enraged and teleported to Themyscira in search of him. Wonder Woman informed him Zeus wasn't present and speculated he was probably with Dionysus.