Yamashiro Family

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Real Identity: Various
Appearances (Novels): Supergirl at Super Hero High and Katana at Super Hero High
Powers/Skills: Teaching
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Katana's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Yamashiro, are professors who first met in college. They initially preferred their daughter to also pursue academics instead of super heroics after Mrs. Yamashiro's mother, Onna-bugeisha Yamashiro, the first female Samurai super hero, was killed by Dragon King, an old classmate, for a legendary sword she never had. Even after Katana went to Super Hero High School, her parents still kept the details about Onna's death from her. For Parents' Night at Super Hero High School, many of Katana's mortal relatives journeyed all the way from Tokyo, Japan. Katana tried to explain her wild friend Beast Boy to them. Katana contacted her parents about Liberty Belle's family legacy project. They decided it was time to tell her the truth about Onna's death then stated they wouldn't stand in her way if it was her heart's desire to be a hero because it was what Onna would have wanted. Katana thanked them but could tell they still shared a deep pain about Onna. Katana's mother worried and contacted Principal Waller. She set up Katana for a weekly meeting with Dr. Arkham called "Family Business" to talk about the pressures and fears of living up to their legacies.