Space Cabbie

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances (Comics): Crash Cabbies, Zone In, Light The Way Home, and The Final Frontier
Powers/Skills: Piloting
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Some time after Non launced Green Lantern Jessica Cruz, Star Sapphire, Big Barda, and Beast Boy off Oa, their out-of-control space pod crashed into a Space Cab. Sapphire and Cabbie argued about who ran into who but Sapphire stated her father would gladly cover the damages, if they were given a lift home to Earth. Cabbie knew that technically he was only allowed to take customers who hail him through the official Space Cabbie App. They came to an agreement for passage to Earth for standard fare, plus ten percent, and cost of damages. Once they got into the cab, Cabbie warned them to buckle up then took off. Cabbie remarked he was surprised to see a Green Lantern after they all went to the Phantom Zone. He revealed he overheard all Green Lanterns went to the Phantom Zone. Big Barda ordered him to set course for the Phantom Zone. Cabbie couldn't comply because it was in another dimension and a Phanton Zone Projector was needed. He implied a previous fare left a Phantom Zone Projector behind. Sapphire got it out of the trunk and prepared to head to the Phantom Zone with Cruz to rescue the Green Lanterns.

Star Sapphire instructed Cabbie to project them into the Zone, wait ten minutes, then put it in reverse to pull them back out - all while his meter was kept running. Cabbie obliged her but Cruz vowed to go first since it was her responsibility as a Green Lantern even though she was scared. They all admitted to what scared them. Cabbie noted he was afraid he'd miss the game tonight on account of some yappy kids then fired the Projector. Cabbie reversed the Projector and brought the supers back, along with the Green Lantern Corps. He was hoping they were all new fares. He admitted to Sapphire he kept his word in part because she reminded him of his daughter... and he still had to be paid. Sapphire ushered Beast Boy and Big Barda into the cab with him while all the Lanterns flew on their own to Oa. Cabbie inquired why she wasn't flying. Sapphire repied why fly when you can ride then ordered him to step on it as the Lanterns lit the way back to planet Oa.

Once General Zod, Faora, and Non were defeated and Oa was saved, Star Sapphire asked Cabbie about borrowing the Phantom Zone Projector. Green Lantern Galius Zed used it to send Zod, Non, and Faora to the Phantom Zone. Star Sapphire had Cabbie drive her back to her home on Earth. She hugged her father then asked him to pay her cab fare. Space Cabbie revealed the charge was $4,673,937 and a tip. He wrote a check. After Cabbie left, he told Sapphire she would be doing chores to pay him back.