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Real Identity: Siracca
Appearances (Comics): Wonder Woman Day (Summertime Madness)
Appearances (Graphic Novels): Summer Olympus
Powers/Skills: Aerokinesis
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Siracca is demigod of wind, a daughter of Zeus, and young half-sister of Wonder Woman. She is gifted with the power to manipulate air. Siracca and her mother formerly lived in Syria in the Middle East but they had to leave because of an ongoing war. During the evacuation, Siracca could only think of finding her friends Amira and Sayid. Her mother promised they would find them in Greece where they were headed to. They and several refugees boarded a boat set to take them across the Mediterranean Sea. Siracca lost her teddy bear during the trip. Soon a storm hit and threatened the boat. No one knew what to do. Siracca used her powers for the first time and was shocked. The storm was dispersed but the other refugees instead focused on her. Some believed she was cursed. Other children called her a weirdo. Siracca became introverted and wouldn't play with the other children even when they played soccer, her favorite. Hermes, one of her brothers, suddenly arrived one day and delivered a message from Zeus inviting her to Mount Olympus for the summer.

Siracca thought she would fit in and accepted. Hermes found her to be quite precocious just like Wonder Woman was. Despite stating it "a million times", Siracca was enraged to see Ambrosia at dinner. She threw a tantrum in the form of a tornado. Wonder Woman gave her a hug but Siracca had no idea who she was. Siracca wasn't too thrilled to meet her and stormed off. Some time later, Zeus tried to tell everyone the Trojan Horse was his idea. Wonder Woman found Siracca outside on a balcony. Siracca admitted it was all a bit much. Wonder Woman agreed. Siracca continued and didn't think she belonged on Olympus with Zeus and the other gods anymore than she did with her mother and humans. She concluded being half-god and half-human made her 100 percent weird. Wonder Woman objected. Siracca tried to prove it and told Wonder Woman her story. Wonder Woman thought being half-god and half-Amazon herself was hard but changed her mind.

Siracca thought it wouldn't be so bad if she had a friend like Bumblebee. Wonder Woman declared she had her and Bumblebee and they could be weird together. Siracca thanked her. Apollo was impressed with Wonder Woman and Bumblebee's progress with archery under his tutelage. After they fired arrows, Siracca took her turn and blew an arrow into a bullseye. Halfway through the summer, Zeus suggested a hunt. Siracca didn't want to hurth anything but Zeus clarified it was capture only for a gift then released his Chimera. While the others went off on their own, Wonder Woman, Bumblebee, and Siracca stuck together. Wonder Woman opened the field to suggestions. Siracca used her ability to have the wind tell them where the Chimera was. The wind blew across a mountain and searched every branch and burrow. It led them to some bushes. Wonder Woman and Bumblebee engaged the Chimera and it accidentally bit itself and fell prey to its venom. Siracca was given an enchanted windchime that warned when there was danger blowing in.

Siracca's windchimes quickly came into use to herald the arrival of another half-sister, Strife, who was in league with Ares to take over Metropolis. Siracca was one of the siblings who fell prey to Strife's powers and was brought under her sway. Siracca encountered Harley Quinn and blew her away. Beast Boy, Katana, Batgirl, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Big Barda, Lady Shiva, and Bumblebee reunited to go after Ares and Strife but Siracca attacked Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman refused to attack Siracca because he was her sister and loved her. Siracca suddenly returned to normal and apologized to her. After Strife turned the Supers against each other, Bumblebee took a blast Ares fired at Wonder Woman. She came to and retreated to an alley where she found Siracca and Hawkgirl. They realized Strife's spell could be broken with philia or love of friendship. After Ares and Strife were defeated, Hippolyta opened Themyscira up to Syrian refugees until it was safe for them to return home. Siracca relocated to Themyscira and reunited with her mother. At the end of summer, Wonder Woman and Bumblebee paid her a visit.