Nebble Bytes

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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliations: TechTalk TV
Appearances (Novels): Batgirl at Super Hero High
Powers/Skills: Expert in Technology
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Nebble Bytes, a slight man with a nebbish look on his egg-shaped face, is a brilliant blogger and tech expert extraordinare. Ever since she was a little girl, Batgirl was a fan of Nebble. He was hired to host the Tech Talk TV reality show. Nebble wandered onto stage after getting lost at one point then introduced the contestants. He asked each to state their platform on what tech meant to them. As the audience roared in approval of their answers, Nebble introduced the celebrity judges and rules of the competition next. He asked trivia questions in the first round then paired up contestants for the second. After a commercial break, Nebble was handed an electronic envelope. He quipped if only he were a mind reader, getting a laugh from the audience. He was pleased to announce Batgirl and Noah Kuttler won. Nebble started the final round. After the audience was disgruntled with Kuttler's victory and awkward moondance, Nebble motioned the celebrity judges and viewers to cast their votes. Nebble and a team of accountants tabulated the scores using a complex algorithm. He declared Batgirl the overall winner.